Adults will spend almost five years over their lifetime prepping for Christmas Day

The poll of 2,000 adults, who participate in Yuletide, also found they will spend the equivalent of a day and a half picking or vacuuming up pine leaves from real trees over a period of 63 years.

And almost one-and-a-half days will be dedicated to re-decorating the tree if children or other household members have done a poor job of it – with a confident 22 percent claiming their decorating skills are “amazing”.

But one of the most time-consuming festive tasks is planning for the Christmas dinner, which takes up almost two-and-a-half years.

An average of 41 hours will also be spent on “unexpected” challenges, such as failed cookers and hosting for last-minute guests.

The research, which was commissioned by B&Q, also found an hour is spent packing away decorations post-festivities each year – with 54 percent describing their technique as “neat and tidy”, while one in six (16 percent) admit theirs is haphazard.

When asked about making this time of year easier, the things people would most like hacks for were revealed as wrapping unusual shaped presents (27 percent), and how to untangle tree lights (14 percent).

Mairi Devlin at B&Q, said: “Christmas time is a special and rewarding time for all those involved, and provides the perfect excuse to host loved ones in the home for festive fun.

“There’s nothing more important than quality time with friends and family and creating new traditions, such as buying a real tree each year and adding new decorations as each year passes.”

The study also found 60 percent find the festive season stressful, and almost half (45 percent) wish there were ways to help make it less so.

A further 13 percent would like to learn hacks for packing away Christmas decorations, while 12 percent hope to find a shortcut for fitting lots of people around the dinner table when there aren’t enough chairs.

Among the biggest challenges were cooking everything at the same time (28 percent) and, similarly, fitting all food in the oven (22 percent).

Packing and unpacking decorations were found to be equally challenging (12 percent), while a tenth find it tricky keeping real trees alive.

Due to the cost-of-living crisis, two in five (41 percent) of those polled, via OnePoll, think Christmas will be more stressful this year compared to last.

But looking at the positives, the nation’s favourite things about the festive season were revealed as spending time with family and friends (44 percent), the food and drink (41 percent), and giving presents (34 percent).

And despite the challenges, 17 percent enjoy decorating their home, while 15 percent like hosting for loved ones.

Mairi Devlin added: “We want to offer convenient ways to tackle the Christmas checklist, so that it helps reduce the time spent on preparations in the run up to the special day.

“We hope people can experience a smooth and joyous festive period this year – and we’re here to help make that happen.”

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