Award-winning skin expert shares key mistake making women ‘look older’

Many women opt for facial treatments as they get older to reduce the signs of ageing, and often these can lead to tighter, brighter skin.

However, according to one expert, it is totally possible to go overboard when it comes to anti-ageing treatments or “tweakments”, which can have the opposite effect and actually make women look older.

Award-winning Aesthetics Practitioner and Skincare Expert Amish Patel spoke exclusively to about the mistake women make which causes them to age.

He said that a “non-expressive face and overfilled cheeks and lips can make you look older”, while “subtle treatments that restore a youthful blush can ”. The expert advised: “Restoring lost volume is never an issue with fillers. 

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“What is a problem when you have over-enthusiastic injectors who inject too much filler – the  ‘pillow face’ effect that was trending a few years ago in Hollywood on some celebrities is a classic example of this overfilled look.”

Ageing gracefully is a popular option amongst mature women, with many ladies opting for anti-ageing or as less invasive methods of looking younger.

However, if carried out properly, treatments such as botox and chemical face peels are “great ways to look younger”.

“A touch of Botox softens dynamic lines in the face, such as forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes and chemical face peels which keep on top of pigmentation issues and fine wrinkles.”

Another option is to hone your regime, the expert suggested, investing in the top products for long-lasting benefits.

“As we age, our cell turnover starts to slow, and our skin can look dull and suffer breakouts.

“Upgrade your skincare products to professional-grade skincare, which helps tackle these issues to rejuvenate, refresh and care for your skin. 

“Review your skincare routine every six months, adapt for the seasonal changes (heavier creams in the winter and lighter serums in the summer) and change it up if it’s not working for you.

“As we age, our skin changes, so what worked well for you in your twenties won’t give your skin what it needs in your thirties.”

Amish Patel is an award-winning aesthetics practitioner and skincare expert at Intrigue Cosmetics Clinic.

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