Bing Crosby found his lover Grace Kelly naked with Marlon Brando | Films | Entertainment

The pattern was set and became an open secret in Hollywood, although the actress herself almost never addressed the rumours. However, when Kelly and Gable starred in Mogambo and she famously alluded to their affair, saying, “What else is there to do if you’re alone in a tent in Africa with Clark Gable?”

Gable always protested that “nothing happened” but co-star Donald Sinden described accidentally walking in on the two of them having sex in Gable’s tent. When filming moved to London, Gable set up a discrete hotel room for them to continue seeing each other.

James Stewart is one of the few stars with absolutely no Kelly rumours attached. Possibly because his wife Gloria Stewart, taking no chances, drove to and from set every day and often stay around to watch filming as well.

That same year, Kelly also filmed The Country Girl with Crosby and, yet again, an affair ensued.

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