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After a two-year hiatus, finally headed back into live shows with the UK and European leg of their Rhapsody world tour, including a 10-night residency at London’s The O2. After completing the extensive set of dates, , and the singer admitted they’d need a rest but were very open to getting back out there eventually. The guitarist has since spoken out on rumours of 2023 concerts.

Speaking previously with BBC Radio 2, Sir Brian said: “Are there rumours? Well, we are talking very seriously about it, yeah. I think we’re about to press a button. I can’t tell you what it is, but very soon. ‘If we’re spared’, as my mum used to say, we’ll be out the latter part of next year. Somewhere, possibly.”

The 75-year-old also confessed to Variety: “It would probably be in the United States in 2023 at some point. I’m hoping that happens, but it’s a strong possibility.” And now he’s further teased that news of exactly what Queen and Adam Lambert have planned could be just around the corner.

Posting a video of him performing an epic guitar solo, Sir Brian enthused on his Instagram: “Here’s a nice reminder that this is what drives my life – hopefully we’ll be back out there before long.” The Queen legend also thanked fans for the incredible support they gave him following his knighthood by His Majesty The King earlier this week.

The 75-year-old added: “And thanks ALL of you for your incredible response to my posts about being knighted by King Charles. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by your massive support on my IG comments. So many of you have kindly said it was long overdue, and for that I thank you – but it’s never too late – I will work all the harder to make up for lost time !! I’m grateful and feeling empowered ! We are all beginning to realise more clearly exactly what and we are fighting. Onwards !!! Bri.”

The rock star also recently shared how he took the spirit of Freddie Mercury into his knighthood with him.

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Asked if the late Queen singer would have enjoyed seeing Sir Brian knighted, the guitar legend to 5 News: “Freddie would love it. I think if he’d been around he would have been honoured long ago and very rightly so. So we’re left here and have to deal with the honours ourselves I suppose.

“But Freddie is always with us. We carry him with us in everything we do and he’s a very precious person, very precious spirit. And, of course, everything that we created is still going on right now.”

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