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Everyone has a favourite film. From the heart-wrenching It’s A Wonderful Life, the classic Home Alone, or the hilarious (and actually really good?) Knight Before Christmas – there is certainly no shortage of festive films to enjoy this holiday season. However, Britain seems to have chosen their favourite Christmas cracker over the past month as one film came out on top above the rest.

The Official Charts Company has now revealed that Elf has become Britain’s favourite Christmas movie of 2022. The film, which was originally released in 2003, stars Will Ferrell as the titular Buddy the Elf, a human man raised by elves on a search for his biological father (James Caan).

This week – concluding Friday, December 23 – marks the fifth week that Elf has been at the top of the Official Charts Company’s film list. The timeless movie has survived almost 20 years at the top of its game, and has influenced Christmas movies ever since.

However, there is some bad news about the movie’s future.

Elf 2 has been a dream of fans for years, but – unfortunately – it seems as if the chances of it happening are completely dead.

Caan spoke out about the possibility of an Elf sequel but pointed out that .

What’s more, Ferrell is completely against diving back into the “laughable” costume of Buddy the Elf. He said: “Absolutely not. I just think it would look slightly pathetic if I tried to squeeze back in the elf tights: Buddy the middle-aged elf.”

Various studies have backed up this new information, as well, with a new poll revealing that Elf will forever be at the forefront of Britons’ minds throughout the festive period.

A new study conducted by Ask Gamblers has ranked the average monthly Google searches of Christmas films in the UK in recent weeks.

Elf has a strong second-place spot in the UK, with more than 125,000 searches – however, worldwide it takes home an obscene 103,0000 searches.

During Elf’s time at the top of Britain’s favourite movies, the hit film has staved off some massive blockbusters, including Top Gun: Maverick, which has remained at number two in the top ten list for many weeks.

Elf is in good company, as the third place spot on the list is filled by The Grinch; Benedict Cumberbatch’s animated feature retelling the classic Dr Seuss story.

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