Carer’s Allowance to be replaced in Scotland with new benefit on top of extra £491 a year | Personal Finance | Finance

Minister for Social Security and Local Government, Ben Macpherson, recently said: “The level of support we provided in this year totalled £3.48billion, through payments made by Social Security Scotland and under agency agreements with the Department for Work and Pensions.

“In 2022 to 2023 our benefits will provide support to over one million people in Scotland. Looking forward, we will continue our work to devolve social security benefits.

“In February 2023 we will introduce Winter Heating Payment, providing a £50 annual payment to around 400,000 low income households. Then we will begin the roll out of Scottish Carer’s Assistance later in 2023.

“We will continue our dynamic and proactive approach to delivering devolved Scottish social security.”

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