Charlene, Princess of Monaco wears most expensive royal wardrobe at £655,574

are full of women who wear expensive dresses and jewels, but the individual who wore the priciest wardrobe in 2022 was slightly unexpected. wore £655,574 worth of clothing in 2022, making her the royal with the most expensive wardrobe.

In contrast, outfits were valued at £192,636 and were valued at just £94,796.

These prices were calculated by royal fashion experts at UFO No More, a website dedicated to naming “unidentified fashion objects”.

No other Princess came close to Princess Charlene of Monaco’s spending.

Next in line was Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, who spent about a third of Princess Charlene with £201,761.

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Kate, Princess of Wales, took third place, with a spending of £192,636 on her wardrobe in 2022.

Her sister-in-law Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, spent just £94,796 on new clothes last year, according to UFO No More.

The Princess with the lowest spending on clothes in the top 10 was , who spent £77,348 on new pieces.

UFO No More said the spending in their yearly fashion spending summary was calculated based on three categories.


These were pieces that remain “unidentified fashion objects”, pieces that are identified and costs can be found, and finally pieces where the designer is known but the design is custom, or rather the price is unknown.

In total, they took 1,359 pieces of clothing into account across all 19 royals.

The website for all things “royal fashion” has also been able to estimate the value of outfits worn by the Princesses.

Princess Charlene showed off 105 new garments in public, 65 of which the UFO fashion finders were able to price.

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Her average price-per-piece in 2022 was £10,067.

Princess Maria-Olympia’s wardrobe gained 51 pieces, with an average price-per-piece of £5,460.

While Kate, Princess of Wales, was wearing 204 new outfits in public, her average piece cost her only £1,146.

Kate wore the largest number of newest items, followed by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg with 148.

Princess Charlene of Monaco’s most expensive outfits in 2022

In November, Princess Charlene was wearing an Akris dress worth £2,000, an Akris belt she has worn before worth an estimated £500 as well as knee-high Jimmy Choo boots costing £1,125 at the Red Cross Christmas gifts distribution at Monaco Palace.

Her outfit total on the day was £3,625.

During a Christmas tree ceremony with her family, Charlene was wearing a Loro Piana cape that cost £5,400, as well as Stuart Weitzman over knee boots for £895.

While it is unclear which exact pieces she was wearing underneath the cape, her outfit total comes to £6,295 at a minimum.

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