Chinese horoscope 2023: Goat to experience ‘turbulent’ year ‘plagued by rotten romance’


Luckily, the Goat’s career prospects are looking much more favourable than their romantic ones in 2023.

Goats working in offices should jump at the opportunity to travel abroad when possible.

If you shine on this trip and make a good impression on your boss and leaders, this may lead to a “promotion” opportunity and “salary increase”.

“Goat people in business, you will meet someone who helps you this year, who may be a supplier or customer. In short, you will have a lot of good news and surprises.

“For those who have helped you, you must find out how to best reciprocate in order to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

However, it’s not all good news, as astrology warned that Goats may face some “villains” in the workplace, so it might be best to keep a low profile.

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