Chinese horoscope 2023: Monkey to experience ‘twists and turns’ due to ‘evil stars’

Those who fall under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey will be born in one of the following years: 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 or 2028. According to , what can this sign expect from the upcoming 12 months?

Monkey cannot expect to have a smooth sailing year in 2023. In fact they will experience many “ups and downs”, according to astrology.

It is recommended that you put in more effort this year than before, as the “lucky stars” will help you “break through obstacles and eventually succeed”.

What is in store for Monkey’s career, love, finances and health in the next 12 months?

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Monkey, expect “twists and turns in your career fortunes” this year due to problems in your interpersonal relationships.

Your honesty and sincerity may get you in trouble with “villains” at work who you have inadvertently hurt with your words.

However, “as long as you ignore you, the criticism will naturally disappear after a time”.

This sign will “always feel upset when dealing with busy official duties this year”, due to “evil stars working in the dark”.

This may spell conflict in the office, but Monkey must try to curb their emotions or they might find themselves in “trouble”.



Monkey’s love love will have an “overall upward trend” in 2023, with your whole person becoming more “radiant”.

Single Monkeys are “more likely to be favoured by the opposite sex” due to a newfound confidence this year.

It’s also a great time to develop friendships with those of the opposite sex.

As for married Monkeys, “your relationship with your partner will also heat up this year”.

Expect a “sweet”, comfortable love and “harmonious” atmosphere at home with the family.

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Alas, Monkey, your wealth is looking “relatively turbulent” this year, as your work projects will be “hindered by various obstacles just when you are about to successfully complete them”.

The only way to improve this is to stay unflappable, and optimistic, work hard and ignore the “villains” whispering about you behind your back.

Monkeys should be more cautious with money this year than in years previous, to avoid insolvency. Also steer clear of making investments.


Finally, Monkey can expect “relatively stable” health in 2023, according to China Highlights.

However, mental health may be a little problem as work stresses could leave you feeling “very negative”.

“It is recommended to organise three or five friends to get together to chat and talk about those annoying things, heart-to-heart, otherwise your long-term depressed state of mind will deeply affect both your body and mind, even leading to clinical depression.”

Astrology recommends that Monkey puts their health above money this year.

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