Classic Christmas film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ gets its own dedicated TV channel | Films | Entertainment

Widely considered to be one of the greatest Christmas films of all time, the 1946 movie depicts an angel (Henry Travers) sent from Heaven on Christmas Eve to help a desperately frustrated businessman (James Stewart), by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed.

The five-time Oscar-nominated epic, directed by Frank Capra, is regularly referred to as one of the best movies ever made.

And in 2020, Radio Times readers voted it as the all-time best Christmas film.

James Stewart received his third Best Actor Oscar nomination when he took on the role of George Bailey, a benevolent banker, who sacrifices his life’s dreams in order to help his community.

Now, subscription-free streaming service Pluto TV has launched a channel playing the film on loop, 24 hours a day, until the end of this year.

A spokesman said: “We’ve hit that point of the year where mince pies, hot chocolate, and festive movies are essential.

“But we know how busy everyone can be – so this channel dedicated to this iconic classic is there for you, whenever you need it.”

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