DEAL OF THE DAY: Save £40 off ‘amazing’ Amazon heater that ‘saves energy’

As temperatures have dropped and look set to continue staying low, heaters are a great alternative to constantly using central heating.

To keep winter temperatures at bay, a portable heater is an efficient and direct heat source that can be moved around to different rooms.

Unlike central heating, as smaller heaters don’t involve heating the entire house, they can be a lot more energy efficient and cheaper to run.

Amazon has an electric heater that is currently on offer, saving shoppers £40 off the usual price of £99.99.

The built-in electronic thermostat has a wide range of temperatures between 16 and 30 degrees but can also detect the air temperature and self-adjust accordingly.

The quick heat-up time of three seconds is ideal for short bursts of heat, plus the timer can be set to come on for between one to nine hours.

The LED touch-screen display and remote controlled operation make the heater easy to use, and the device can be picked up using the handle and moved around to different locations within the house.

With smooth 60 degree oscillation, the heat spreads evenly throughout the room to achieve a comfortable temperature.

Shoppers have started leaving reviews on the product, with over 70 percent of reviewers giving it a five star rating.

Yvonne Launchbury said: ”Amazing heater. Warms a room up in minutes. Looks nice, has a remote with different actions, mode button, high/low heat, timer, swing button, what more do you want.

Austin commented: ”My friend recommended this heater. There is no noise to use. It also has a dual function. It can be used as a fan in summer and as a heater in winter. You can also turn left and right. Small in size but fast to warm up. It will soon warm up your room. So a lot of energy can be saved.”

Buty also added: ”I like this heater. It blows warm and is very portable. Has a handle too. It comes with 3 settings for heat level and it rotates too so comes in really handy. Will highly recommend.”

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