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To mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis, the Government has rolled out various support payments to assist people with rising energy bills and inflation-hiked prices. Pensioners are one of the groups targeted with financial aid with 11.6 million older people eligible for up to £600 in cost of living support. Recently, the DWP outlined the final date for pensioners looking to get paid this support as soon as possible.

The Government department is reminding those eligible for the pensioner cost of living and Winter Fuel Payments that the final date for getting paid is January 13, 2022.

Those who have not received any payment by this particular date should contact the DWP as soon as possible.

Pensioners can do this by visiting www.gov.uk/winter-fuel-payment or by calling the DWP’s helpline at 0800 731 0160.

Payments are made automatically into the bank or building society account of the claimant, so those waiting on getting paid do not need to do anything.

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It should be noted that the vast majority of pensioners have already received this £600 worth of cost of living financial aid.

Mel Stride MP, the Government’s Work and Pensions Secretary, has previously claimed this support and who it will benefit.

He explained: “As the cold weather bites, it is good to be able to confirm that over 99 percent of eligible pensioners have already received as much as £600 to help with their energy bills this winter.

“These payments are just one part of the wider support package we are delivering to help with rising bills, with additional help to follow next year, including the biggest state pension increase in history.”


This year’s cost of living payment for pensioners, which is worth £300, is being handed out through the Winter Fuel Payment.

As it stands, the Winter Fuel Payment awards eligible older people between £250 and £600 to help with heating costs if they were before September 26, 1956.

However, with energy bills rising by 27 percent since October, experts are warning that cost of living and Winter Fuel Payments may not be “enough” for vulnerable people.

Andy Kerr, the founder and CEO at BOXT, shared his concern as the ongoing winter spell continues and bills continue to skyrocket.

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The finance expert explained: “Although this Fuel Payment will help to relieve some of the pressures people are feeling from the cost of living crisis, it will not be enough to ensure elderly people receiving this extra payment will be able to keep warm this winter.

“As we head into January prices are estimated to increase further, putting even more strain on the most vulnerable in our society.”

Despite this warning, Mr Kerr broke down exactly how the £600 cost of living payment is being targeted towards older people this winter.

He added: “The so-called pensioner cost of living payment will be administered through the Winter Fuel Payment.

“This payment will be paid directly into the bank account of the recipient. The Winter Fuel Payment entitles pensioners to receive between £250 and £600 to assist with heating costs.

“The ‘pensioner cost of living payment’ is included in the amount received this winter. This ranges from £150 to £300, and this additional sum is only available during the winter of 2022–2023.

“This comes on top of any tax credits or cost-of-living payments you may receive through benefits. Some people could receive up to £600 extra to help with the cost of living this winter.”

Anyone who has not received the support they are entitled to by January 13, 2022 should contact the DWP directly.

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