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Exactly two weeks ago on Sunday, January 8, Lisa Marie spoke at the annual Graceland celebrations for her father’s birthday. Four days later she collapsed at home and she will be laid to rest near Elvis on Sunday, January 22. Family, friends and fans will be desperately aware of memories of The King’s own funeral at the Memphis mansion on August 18, 1977. Lisa Marie Presley was just nine years old when she lost her father.

Elvis was pronounced dead at 3:30pm at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. The news was announced to the world on the steps of the hospital by his father Vernon at 4pm.

His body was returned to Graceland just before noon on August 17, where a crowd of tens of thousands had gathered. The open coffin was placed under the arch between the living and music rooms at the south end of the house.

Family and friends were given time to spend with the body before the public were admitted in the afternoon to pay their respects.

Vernon had asked Elvis’ hairdresser and spiritual adviser, Larry Geller, to cut and style his hair. The sideburns were redyed and make-up was applied.

Kendall relented but he soon realised how upsetting it would be for Lisa Marie alone to place the bracelet on her father herself.

He walked the young girl to the coffin and asked her where she would like the bracelet to go. The little girl pointed to her own right wrist. Kendall lifted up Elvis’ right arm and slipped the piece of jewellery on. Apparently, she then asked him if it would stay in place forever, and he replied that it would.

As Lisa Marie left the room, Priscilla turned back to Kendall with one last instruction.

Priscilla Presley asked that the bracelet be concealed beneath Elvis’s shirt sleeve. A precaution, in case any fan suddenly tried to take a last memento. Indeed, one distant family member actually sneakily took a picture of the star in his coffin that was infamously splashed across the National Enquirer.

After the public were allowed in from 3pm an estimated 30,000 people filed through the house in just a few hours. Although Vernon extended the viewing hours, not even half of those who waited outside were able to pay their respects.

This time, fans will be able to watch and pay their respects on the live feed. After Lisa Marie is laid to rest in a private ceremony, there will be a public memorial service from 9am Central Standard Time on Sunday, January 22.

The link to watch the live stream of Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial service, which begins at 2:50pm GMT on Sunday January 22, is available here.

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