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When began relationships, he went all in on them. He would shower his girlfriends with gifts and trips around America, as well as numerous stays at his mansion, , in Memphis, Tennessee. Eventually, he settled down with his wife, , with whom he had a daughter, – who died last week on January 12, aged 54. All of these women received a special gift, however: A dog.

According to the Graceland website, Elvis was a passionate dog owner. As a result, he had a number of pups throughout his life, all of which lived at his enormous home across the years.

As a result, he wanted to share this love and passion with the women he was with at any time, as well as the women in his family.

Over the years he got quite close with his aunt, Delta, to whom he gifted a Pomeranian pup. He also gave his mother, Gladys Presley, a dog called Sweet Pea, to keep her company.

One of his first recorded girlfriends, Anita Wood, was also given a canine friend. Elvis gave her a Toy Poodle named Little Bit. Unfortunately, it didn’t help their relationship. After Elvis gave Anita the pooch, they broke up.

Elvis and Priscilla were officially divorced in 1973 but had been separated for over a year beforehand.

During that time, Elvis met Linda Thompson, the woman he would be with for years before his untimely death on August 16, 1977.

While he was with the beauty queen, the King continued his tradition and gifted the young model a Maltese pup named Foxhugh.

Throughout his life, Elvis also collected a number of dogs for himself, as well.

Some of his pets included a Basset Hound named Sherlock, as well as three Great Danes named Brutus, Snoopy and Edmund. Perhaps the most famous dog Elvis owned was a Chow Chow called Get Lo, who he took almost everywhere with him.

The fancy pup was even flown to Boston where he stayed for three months to get a kidney treatment before flying home.

He also bought three other dogs, three of which were all purchased in 1963. These included Whoosh, Oswald and Michael Edwards – in 1963. They were purchased while he was filming his movie It Happened at the World’s Fair.

As a result, these three dogs were named after his character, Michael Edwards.


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