Five things to ask your mum before it’s too late shared by woman whose own mother died

The woman, who is a mother herself, shared the five things she wished she’d asked her mother before she died in a heartbreaking video. Courtney Lopez Gervais claims the five ideas came to her in a dream after her mother died at age 50 from melanoma. She then shared them in a TikTok video.

Although Courtney said she had the “strongest bond” with her mother, who died last autumn, she found that after she died there were still things she didn’t know or didn’t have, and she wished she could ask.

She shared her story on TikTok so others could use it as an opportunity to love and appreciate their mums and the time they have left with them.

She said: “I had a dream that I got a second chance (…) and I made a list of the things I wanted from her.”

Courtney’s questions include asking your parent for your own child’s name in their handwriting, so you can have it tattooed.

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The five questions Courtney wishes she could ask her mum:

  1. Can you write my child’s name in your handwriting?
  2. Can you write a letter to my child/children discussing what you love most about them and your future hopes for them?
  3. Can you share your favorite childhood memory?
  4. Can you share your favorite memory from when I was a child?
  5. What do you want to leave to your grandchild/grandchildren and why?

Courtney explained, after posting the video: “I wish I would have spent more time being inquisitive about her and her childhood. She was just so interested in me and supporting me and being my biggest cheerleader. I wish that I just would have spent more time learning truly about who she was and what made her the way that she [was].”

She told Good Morning America: “I feel like there is purpose in this pain and I want to do my part, making my mom proud and doing what I can to keep her memory and legacy alive.”

TikTok users commented on Courtney’s post, something thanking her and others for sharing their own sad stories of loss and advice.

One TikTok user Christina Grapp wrote: “After having lost both of my parents and I am only 48, my advice is to save one voicemail from your parents telling you they love you.”

Tricia Belksi Cardil added: “I love this. I’ll add: A recordable book to your children in her voice.”

One suggested: “Also her recipes of your favourite meals. It’s been eight years without her and this is the one thing I wish I could have gotten.”

TikTok user Hailey said: “It’s been almost four years after losing my mom and a favor I wish I could’ve asked her is a letter in her handwriting for me to read on my wedding day.”

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