Ghislaine Maxwell: How did she achieve sleek hair for Talk TV prison interview?

Sex offender and accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell took part in a TV interview with Jeremy Kyle last night. The criminal’s hair was surprisingly sleek for her video appearance with TalkTV.

In early November last year, Maxwell’s legal team released a photo of the sex offender with a black eye and notably grey hairs. However, in her interview with TalkTV last night, the 61-year-old inmate had a full head of thick, dark hair.

The offender, who kept her hair in a sleek dark pixie crop during her latter days of freedom has grown her hair into a longer style, now hanging around her face.

One Twitter user, John Sturgis, went so far as to comment: “She attracts a lot of criticism but I do like what Ghislaine Maxwell has done with her hair.”

Another, Dominic Dean, responded: “I’m rather surprised it’s possible to give media interviews from prison like that.”

Ghislaine’s hair is looking thick and healthy considering in 2020 her team complained she was “sustaining hair loss” due to mistreatment while in the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), Brooklyn. So, how is Maxwell upkeeping her hair while in prison?

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During her time at MDC, Maxwell said in an interview that she was buying hair dye in the commissary for $9.50. She claimed to have cut her own hair, adding the guards were “impressed when I cut my hair with nail clippers and it was somewhat straight. I only had a 3in by 5in mirror. They rewarded me with paper scissors and suggested I might want to open a salon.”

The commissary at Maxwell’s new low-security Florida prison doesn’t seem to provide hair dye. But, the list still shows a great number of items for sale related to hair maintenance.

Among the “grooming aids”, which have a one-item limit per purchase, are a vented brush, a wide tooth comb, a blow dry brush, a wave brush, large foam rollers, small, medium, and large hair clips, and hair elastics.

Haircare products can be purchased there, too. Mane ‘n’ Tail shampoo, a cult product that costs $12.99 from Walmart, costs $5.75. Pantene shampoo and conditioner are also available for $6.70 and $7.30 respectively.

Other luxury cosmetics brands available at the commissary include Palmer Cocoa Butter, $3, St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer, $7.10, Pond’s face cream, $2, and Dove Body Wash, $10.20.

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Makeup from Maybelline is also on sale at Maxwell’s facility. The Maybelline 24 Karat Nudes eyeshadow palette costs $12.10. The Maybelline Colossal Mascara costs $8.85.

Inmates are also given basic items on arrival like deodorant, a bar of soap, socks, a bottle of shampoo, toothpaste, and a towel.

The prison consulting group Zoukis states cosmetology, the study of beauty treatments, is offered as a trade for inmates to learn. Inmates are also able to enjoy yoga, pilates, softball, and frisbee.

The Inmate Information Handbook issued by the institution handbook lists cosmetology among the occupational training programs available. Apprenticeship programs are available in areas such as baking, woodworking, housekeeping, cooking, painting, and butchering. Hair coloring is offered as part of most cosmetology courses, so Maxwell may be dying her hair during lessons.

Express asked FCI Tallahassee whether inmates have access to hair treatments, including haircuts and hair dye. We also asked whether hair dryers are provided to inmates.

Not all correctional facilities offer the same hairdressing or barbering facilities, and the types of services available differ. Some prisons allow inmates to keep their hair in different styles, but not all.

Many prisons in the US teach hairdressing to inmates, including notably Valley State Prison, California. The facility began its program in 1996, teaching hair cutting, dying, and manicuring among other treatments.

Women’s prisons that teach beauty programs in the US include the Mabel Basset Correctional Facility in McCloud, Oklahoma. There is also the Rikers Island Prison Complex, where women can take the “Fearless Beauty program” with hair stylist Heather Packer.

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