Grandparents helping with childcare can boost state pension up to £3,000 – can you claim? | Personal Finance | Finance

The application requires the:
– Personal details of the applicant – the family member caring for the child
– Child’s details and the periods of care
– Personal details of the child’s parent (or main carer) – the Child Benefit recipient
– Applicant and the parent to both sign their declarations on the application.

Specified Adult Childcare credits can be awarded retrospectively, to April 6, 2011 at the earliest.

If someone had been providing childcare every year since 2011/12, and now put in a claim for all years from 2011/12 until 2021/22, this would be eleven years of credits and could add just over £3,000 per year.

Martin Lewis, founder of Money Saving Expert, has previously mentioned this scheme as a little known benefit for grandparents who look after their grandchildren.

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