Grey hair: ‘My hair turned silver as a child, but I love it’

A woman in her 20s is embracing her naturally grey hair, making videos on social media talking about her unique hair colour in an effort to get more people to be confident with their natural beauty. She has shared TikTok videos showing her her hair and detailing favourite products.

Zoë Miolla is a 25-year-old woman from Connecticut whose hair is completely grey, and first began to turn grey when she was nine years old.

In a viral TikTok video, Zoë showcased her hair journey and explained she began using black dye every four to six weeks when she was a child. She went through phases where she would have a grey fringe, or experiment with having semi-permanent colours such as blue or pink with some grey mixed in.

In an interview with SWNS, Zoë explained she was often bullied for her grey locks and called “grandma”, and wished to blend in more with her classmates.

In another TikTo video Zoë said: “Yes I did go grey at nine years old, I remember the day that we found my first grey hair.” Zoë told the story, and said: “My dad plucked it out and put it on a black stool and we all just freaked out.”

Now as an adult, Zoë has said on her social media that she has “decided to put down the dye” and in one viral video she had “learned to love” her natural grey hair, and finding self-confidence was the “best decision ever!”

Zoë’s unusual hair colouring has received worldwide attention, as not only has she gone viral on social media but she said her story has now been published in around 30 newspapers.

Zoë has explained why she began speaking more about her grey curls and what she wanted people to take away from her story.

She said: “I never sought out any sort of fame, or notoriety, just because I have a different hair colour. But, I thought it would be pretty cool to have my grey hair journey out there to the masses.

“The main message I really wanted to get across with this article, was that everybody should embrace their natural beauty, and if they have a unique feature, then that should be their defining quality, it should not be something that they should be insecure about.”

In her comment section, one user called Zoë a “true inspiration” for wanting people to embrace their natural beauty. In another video, people told Zoë her grey hair is “stunning” and “so beautiful”

On social media, Zoë has showcased some of the products she uses in her hair. This includes using both Christophe Robin’s Daily Hair Cream ($36/£29) and John Fridea’s Frizz-Ease ($10/£8) together. Zoë demonstrated how she put some of the products in her hand and as she gently put it through her hair.

Before her hairdryer, Zoë said she used the Kerastase Chroma Absolu thermal spray ($39/£33) and “almost exclusively” uses purple shampoo to wash her hair. She said she used Kerastase Blond Absolu ($36/£35) as her favourite “salon-quality” but her other “holy grail” product she used was Davines Alchemic conditioner ($30/£25)

For a drug store brand, Zoë said she used John Frieda Violet Crush shampoo and conditioner ($12/£8) for when she didn’t want to feel bad about using a lot of product in her hair.

However, Zoë has joked that “as spectacular as having grey hair is, no amount of oil or cream or anything will make it less dry, you just kinda have to deal with it.

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