Hair expert shares ‘incredibly ageing’ haircut mature women should avoid

colour may be important when it comes to taking years from the face but cut is equally key. Hair expert Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush spoke exclusively to about the chop many older ladies go for – but shouldn’t. Here’s how ladies can use their hair to instead.

Nicole advised mature ladies to stay away from having “long hair with no layers”.

This trendy, youthful look may have suited you in your 20s, 30s and even 40s but may add years on in your 50s and beyond.

Nicole empathised with women who have spent their whole life growing their tresses to enviable lengths, even “skipping hairdresser appointments to get the length they want”.

However, later in life super long locks do not have the same impressive effect.

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Nicole said: “This can be incredibly ageing in your later years – especially if you have fine hair.”

As women – and men – age, hair strands become smaller and lose pigment, meaning that once thick, coarse hair turns into fine, light-coloured hair.

The expert warned: “Don’t fall into the trap of letting your long hair hang down limp and lifeless.”

But this doesn’t mean all women over a certain age have to chop off their locks and forgo their long strand for good – their hair just needs a little reworking.

Nicole urged women to experiment with stylistic features that frame the face.

She advised: “Enhance it with a curtain bang or choppy fringe, which looks good on almost every face shape.”

What’s more, bangs have an instant botox effect, “helping to hide any signs of ageing on the forehead” without the hefty price tag.

In addition to a fringe, Nicole recommended adding layers around the face to create dimension and movement – it works for all hair types.

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She said: “Add layers to remove any bulkiness from thicker hair and add width and texture to finer hair.”

While long locks with no layers are out, long locks with dimension and movement are in.

If you don’t want to spend years growing your own hair, you can achieve thick, voluminous locks in just a few hours with natural-looking hair extensions.

“For ladies with shorter locks, you can achieve long tresses by adding hair extensions,” Nicole stated.

“Easy to apply to your hair and versatile, they are a perfect way to experiment with your look and try assorted styles.”

But what’s the best way to wear hair extensions for that bouncy, full look, according to the expert?

Nicole concluded: “Once you do get them, take care to keep them looking in good condition and try to avoid wearing your hair poker straight. Instead, add texture to your extensions for a much more natural look.”

Nicole Petty is a hair expert at hair extensions brand Milk + Blush.

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