Hair stylist shares which cut is ‘a great option’ for grey hair to ‘look younger’ spoke to two hair experts about the best cuts and styles for middle aged hair. These are simple ways to make one’s ageing hair look younger and healthier.

Steve Diligence, founder of the hair salon of the same name in Notting Hill, West London, has over two decades of hairdressing experience, during which he has welcomed the likes of Idris Elba and Rita Ora to his salon.

He told that it’s worth “embracing the natural process of greying hair by cutting it into a flattering style that accentuates the natural texture and colour”.

“Use a hair dye that blends with your natural grey hair colour to give it a more natural look,” Steve said.

“You can also embrace the grey by wearing darker colours that complement your grey hair.”

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It could also be a good idea to try out “cool toned highlights to add a bit of vibrancy and dimension to your look”, Steve noted.

He continued: “Find a hair care routine that works for you, such as using a scalp treatment and nourishing products to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

“The best colour for greying hair is one that complements your natural complexion and eye colour. Some colours that work well with greying hair include shades of silver, ash, beige, and light brown.”

Tyler Moore, an expert stylist at Live True London, added that “it’s important to take into account your face shape when choosing a new hairstyle, especially as this can change with age”.

He advised: “Take note of the features you want to enhance, whether that’s your cheekbones or eyes, and make sure to pick cuts that draw attention to them instead of obscuring them.”

Opting for a completely different haircut and style, such as adding a fringe, can work well on mature hair, according to Tyler.

He said: “Adding a fringe can be a great way of softening the face and highlighting the cheekbones.

“We advise against a fuller fringe if you don’t have a high forehead, as this can obscure the face and draw attention to any imperfections, but a side swept fringe can be a great option for most.

Other good cuts include a shoulder length bob, layers, and a pixie cut.

Tyler said: “Bob length haircuts are a great option for looking younger. If you have thinning hair keep it all one length for maximum fullness and if you have thicker hair opt for some long layers to add movement and dimension.

“If you prefer to wear your hair long, add some long layers to add movement to the hair.

“Long hair that is all one length can drag the features down, making you look older, however cutting your hair into a more styled look can have a more youthful effect.

“A pixie cut, ala Helen Mirren, can be a great way of emphasising a strong bone structure. It draws attention to the cheek bones and pulls your features up instead of down,” the expert added.

Tyler also recommended “investing in pro-age products to improve the appearance of your hair, no matter what your hairstyle or colour”, especially as “dry hair can prematurely age you”.

The “perfect style to inject some youth into your look” is loose waves. “Avoid pin straight hair, as this can be ageing as it highlights any thinning,” Tyler stressed.

As for “an anti-ageing colour option”, the expert advised “a muted money piece highlight to draw attention to the face”.

“This can be subtle or bright, but by creating light around the face it will brighten the complexion and make you appear more youthful,” he said.

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