Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for day, date


You don’t have to say yes to please anyone. If someone makes you an offer and they expect an immediate response, don’t feel obliged to tell them what they want to hear. Avoid people who try to rush you. If they can’t be patient and wait for you to think about it, you should walk away.


Little problems get you down. You’re almost tempted to give up when things go wrong but don’t. It would be a shame for all the hard work you have already put into some areas, to be in vain. Take a break then return to it later in a brighter frame of mind. Persevere.


Even when things seem to be going your way, you won’t build your hopes up too high. It’s always better to take one slow step at a time. Experimenting with new ideas will be a lot of fun but you aren’t expecting miracles. The things you see and hear today will inspire new long-term plans.


Press or media headlines will encourage you to look further into something that’s going on in your community. Just don’t rush into anything too eagerly or you could commit yourself to a project that starts taking up too much of your time.


Your stars urge you to express your wildest dreams. It will be fun to see what reaction you get. Some of your more adventurous friends will encourage you to try something you’ve never done before. Are you single? You might be in for a romantic surprise.


Go with it if you feel inspired to launch a creative project. Enjoy this chance to make spur of the moment decisions. If on the spot reactions are called for, you will be the first to come up with the best solutions and suggestions.



You’re trying too hard and that’s why things start going wrong. Relax, be yourself and you will enjoy family and friendship activities more. A heart to heart conversation will make you feel more secure about a special relationship. You feel more able now to reveal your deepest feelings.


Join friends in fun activities that don’t take a lot of thought or planning. Relax and forget about all your worries and woes. If a relative has had a difficult week, you might include them in a small get-together that’s being arranged for this evening.


Professional dealings are awkward, challenging and time consuming. There seems to be no easy solution to problems you come up against today. Even your boss will struggle to find an answer. Where there is conflict you may have to use tact and diplomacy to influence others for the better.


There is no need to spend endless hours on your own if you could do with some company. A friend, neighbour or relative who is feeling equally as lonely would be happy to join you. Whatever you plan to do, whether it is swimming, studying, shopping or working you do not have to spend endless hours on your own.


If you’ve been growing bored with your usual routine, a change will be as good as a rest. Accept a new assignment that allows you to use your imagination and utilise your creative skills in the workplace. A job vacancy you hear about could be of interest to a family member.


You’re considering the pros and cons of ending or changing the direction of a partnership. If your other half has been showing signs of jealousy, it is time to discuss your concerns. If they can’t adopt a healthier attitude and give you more freedom you might decide to call it a day.

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