Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 24


You’re ready for new starts in new areas and once the festivities are over, this is what you intend to do. You are making good decisions and you can look forward to seeing successful results. The chance to add spark to a dull relationship should not be overlooked.


You aren’t going to stick around wasting time debating an issue when it is clear someone who disagrees with you isn’t going to change their mind. You will be happier to go your own way. A message received later on will cause a little confusion.


The words you choose and how you say it will have a strong effect on the outcome of workplace discussions. Think before you speak. Curb your festive spirit or a joke might misfire or high spirits could get out of hand.


You’re imagining the huge hurdles you have to climb in order to achieve a special aim but is it your negativity that is getting in the way? You may need to think over some issues that have come under discussion these past few days. Consider everything carefully.


If you turn down offers made to you today, there is every chance you will miss out on similar opportunities in the future because you won’t be invited. Your mind is full of dreams and festive ideas. Not all of these will be realistic but all that matters is that you can relax and have some fun.


A family situation that has been a thorn in your side since the start of December is dealt with at last. Look at the most obvious and you will make better progress than if you spend too long on details or start exaggerating difficulties in your mind.


Talk your hopes, fears, plans and dreams over today and get some feedback from your family and close friends. Spill out your feelings rather than keeping them buried deep inside. You could be surprised by how many others feel the same way as you.


A workmate is always hanging around you or sitting at your desk. A friend can’t seem to go long without sending you a text message or giving you a call. A neighbour is constantly on your doorstep. All in all, you can’t help but start feeling restricted.


You’re thinking about all the things you had been hoping to achieve this past year. If some goals haven’t been reached, you can still make an effort to turn dreams into reality. Discussions on religion and spirituality will get quite deep and meaningful.


Some new plans have been quietly arranged in the background without your knowledge. You won’t be pleased to have to change some of your arrangements in order to fall in with a relative’s changing moods. They knew you would object which is why they have been so secretive.


A big decision is ahead. If this involves no-one but you and you are aware of all the pros and cons, then it is up to you, too, whether or not you give something new a try. If there is something important you have to say to someone, say it now.


A friend’s gratitude for a favour you do them will make it worth the expense, time and effort. News on the family front will take you by surprise. An engagement or wedding will give you something extra to celebrate this Christmas.

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