Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for December 25


A needy friend won’t be happy that you choose family over the social plans they are trying to make. You can’t go on sacrificing your happiness for them. A loan will be paid back and this will take you by surprise. You will succeed at anything you try to do.


A change of family routine will come under discussion. You aren’t keen on making any changes and you won’t feel the time is right to come to any new agreements. You would rather wait and see how things go before making a big decision.


Take this opportunity to put your imagination to practical use through art, music and entertaining the family. Positive results of a creative project will remind you of pastimes you used to enjoy as a child and this will give our self-esteem a boost.


Conversations and communications give you a lot to think about. Your thoughts are so full of facts and information that the only way to make sense of it all will be to write it down and address one issue at a time.


A friend is determined to see the good side of someone who has let them down. It could be a case of love being blind and it would be better not to say what is on your mind. Throwing a big Christmas party will not be as much hassle as you expected when guests are happy to lend a hand.


Even while occupied with various activities throughout this festive day, your mind will be on distant goals. Choose your moment carefully if you want to ask a friend or relative for a favour. There is a sensitive subject you may need to discuss with your partner.


Your family life and love life will both feel the benefit of the favourable festive pattern of the day. There is a nostalgic mood in the air. Friends will be discussing times gone by although there are some memories you would prefer not to be reminded of.


It will feel as if Lady Luck is watching over you when you receive a number of delightful surprises. A romantic fantasy will turn into the real thing by this evening. The warmth and kindness of a thoughtful friend will make you see them through different eyes.


Job trends continue to follow an upward path. A message from someone you work with will contain uplifting news. You will get a lot of satisfaction through helping a charity event or voluntary organisation. Family plans you hadn’t been looking forward to will go better than expected.


If a partner or youngster has been missing you recently because you haven’t been spending a lot of time with them, you are making it up to them now. There’s a lot of positive energy in the air this Christmas which will feel uplifting. A surprise message will hold an exciting invitation.


You might wonder how long you will be able to keep up such a hectic social life. Party invitations are still pouring in when you are popular and in demand by family, neighbours, friends and workmates. New social activities will keep you surrounded by dear friends.


Secrets are in the air and you will do your best to find out what is or has been going on. You don’t want to be the one left out of it all. Be creative in your thoughts and let your imagination run wild this Christmas. Someone close is watching for a sign of your true feelings.

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