Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for January 4


Cutting corners will not be the best way to get the job done. You could miss important details and this will take you back to square one. Be prepared to take your time and do things thoroughly even if this means having to cancel some social plans.


A competitive situation will require you to think quickly and act quickly, neither of which you will be happy about. You prefer to take your time but there isn’t the time to think about it and all you can do is take a deep breath and trust your instincts.


Issues that face you today can be resolved. You have come up against similar problems in the past. Lessons you have been through will help you deal with whatever is going on now and even though it will be challenging, you will find the energy and willpower to cope.


A younger relative or colleague will be quick to butt in with their views and opinions without realising how much annoyance this is causing. There may be a need to take them to one side to explain that some discussions are private and they should not attempt to interfere.


You are a natural born leader. Even if this is something you would argue against, you could find yourself having to take the helm when others are confused about what to do. They will follow your lead and be grateful for our guidance. You will learn something new about yourself, today.


There seems to be always someone who needs your advice, help or guidance. You have other things to do but other people are getting in the way. You will need to gather all the patience you can muster to put up with these constant interruptions.


You are interpreting an event that recently occurred from your own angle. Talking to other people, you will start to realise there are other ways of seeing this. An online discussion or a conversation with a close friend will be illuminating in more ways than one.


Some quiet time alone is your ideal opportunity to turn your mind in on itself and to take this opportunity to look at your life and your future. This is your chance too, to increase the faith you have in your abilities by considering all the things that are going right in your life.


Someone who has recently begun a course of study will inspire you into looking into the possibility of doing some online learning. Education, religion, travel and culture are topics that seem to constantly come up in conversations and you will feel inspired by listening to other people’s points of view.


Deals and decisions made today will have far reaching consequences. You are very much aware of your responsibilities. This puts you in a serious frame of mind as you are aware of a strong need now to build a secure future for yourself and your family.


You are being encouraged to think about the future. A partner or close friend has faith in your knowledge, talents and abilities. They know that if you put your mind to it you can achieve your most hoped-for goals. Let them be your inspiration.


People who know you well trust your wise advice. You have always been intuitive and sometimes act without realising until later, that you are following your intuitive responses. Trust your innate sense of what is wrong and what is right.

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