Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 27


Others look to you for leadership. It won’t take a lot of effort to get a joint project off the ground. You should give yourself a gold star for the difference you are making in someone else’s life. Whether in a personal or professional sense, this is a good time for starting something new.


More issues are cropping up in addition to one or two problems you have recently been having. A past problem will potentially turn out to be a solution when you are able to make arrangements that happen to resolve a number of concerns.


Expanding your mental horizons will feel intensely rewarding. You don’t have to go back to school to learn. You might enjoy spending time with a musician or artist who is willing to instruct you on how to get started on an exciting new interest.


Tension in a friendship or within the family will have a lot to do with other people expecting too much from you. You can’t be in two places at once and that means someone is going to have to manage without you. If you catch yourself being unnaturally sarcastic, apologise immediately.


It doesn’t matter what anyone else might say, you have enthusiasm enough to make a good go of your ideas. If all you seem to be getting from some people are negative remarks and criticism of your plans, the answer will be to go it alone.


Renovating your home will be a labour of love. Home improvements will also increase the value of your property. Whether or not you own your own home, your financial situation will soon show signs of improvement. If you are looking for work, explore opportunities relating to housing or finance.


There will never be a dull moment when some interesting challenges need to be overcome. Housemates and workmates will rally around to help sort out problems that do occur and you might even enjoy this chance to put a rusty talent to good use.


Key issues will be picked up in a report. There has been a rush from those in high places to place the blame for a recent error on employees. Failures should have been addressed while an incident was happening and this oversight needs to be acknowledged and new measures put in place for the future.


It’s hard to decide between giving in to an older relative’s wishes to spend more time with them and accepting a chance to join friends in an exciting venture. You feel torn in two directions and what you should really be asking yourself is: what is it you really want to do?


You will be delighted to notice that it isn’t just other people who are enjoying lucky breaks, it is you. An unexpected offer will give your life more security and purpose and will help you cope more easily with routine concerns that sometimes get you down.


Background events you don’t yet know about are working to your advantage. If lately you have been feeling down and doing your best to hide this, you are about to receive some optimistic news that will restore your faith in your future prospects.


Comparing your skills against those of a rival will be revealing. You are starting to realise you are more talented and capable than you had previously given yourself credit for. Getting involved in anything competitive will give your confidence a tremendous boost.

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