Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for May 31


It may upset an older colleague if you don’t go along with their ideas. If they aren’t in a position above you and they expect you to do what they say merely because they think they know better than you, there is no valid reason why you should fall in with their wishes or demands.


You will be waiting to see what is coming but a matter that is occurring both online and offline is being investigated. Someone in power is taking a serious and in-depth look at this issue. People who have experienced problems recently or in the past will be asked to come forward.


Start planning a weekend break. Give in to a whim to try something new or to get away from it all. The destination won’t matter as much as you being able to enjoy a change of scenery. If someone special wants to join you, this is your chance to spend some quality time together.


Social plans will fall apart. Someone is using ill health as an excuse to pull out of their obligations. People will believe them. You aren’t so easily fooled. If you loan money to a friend or relative do so with the knowledge that you aren’t likely to get it back.


You will get results faster through being honest in your answers and direct when communicating your feelings, experiences and desires. Progress can be made in a business or legal matter. If you keep information to yourself, this would only make other people impatient.


New horizons are opening up for you. There is some excitement in the air but you will not be in a rush to jump forward. An offer or opportunity needs to be examined in greater detail before you can decide on what to do next.


Your boss or someone in a high position will expect you to drop everything in order to do their bidding. You may not agree with or be happy with the ultimatum they offer but then again, at this present time, you don’t seem to have much choice about it.


Listen to what is said in meetings or during a conversation with an important executive. There may be hints that can go by unnoticed by those who aren’t paying attention. If you play your cards right, you could benefit from an informal chat with people in high places.


A friend or workmate has a habit now of letting you down. They seem to take it for granted that if they aren’t around someone else will do their share of the work for them. You aren’t liking this one little bit. Today, when they return, they will also have a pile of jobs to return to.


Helping a relative out financially is putting a strain on your own budget. Sooner or later they are going to have to manage their problems on their own. You do well in making it appear as if you are coping easily with work and family obligations. Inside you feel you are crumbling under the strain.


A moral or ethical matter will cause you some concern. You do not want to rock the boat but you cannot continue within a team when methods of those in high places go against your conscience. After giving this some careful thought, you will know what to do.


Be polite with someone who is always wanting something from you. This isn’t a person you will want to rub the wrong way. Even so, try to arrange it so you aren’t available to them as often as you have been of late.

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