How Meghan Markle’s engagement ring connects her to Princess Diana

Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement in November 2017, with the new Duchess sporting a stunning diamond engagement ring. spoke to experts at luxury jewellers We Love Diamonds about Harry’s ring choice.

“Regardless, it is emphatically known that, in memory of his beloved mother, Harry always wanted to see that ring sat on the throne in one way, shape or form.”

The ring that Meghan ended up with was absolutely stunning nevertheless, boasting three glorious diamonds.

The experts called this ring an “exquisite” piece of jewellery, “personally designed” by Harry with a “reverence” to his mother.

Due to his “intense affinity to Africa”, the central stone of the ring was a 3ct diamond sourced from Botswana.

Harry spent time in Botswana after the death of his mother and developed a real love for the country, even calling it a “second home”.

He and Meghan also spent time there together during a five day trip after just two dates.

Flanking the larger diamond are two smaller diamonds, around 1ct each, meaningfully selected from Diana’s personal collection.

The experts revealed: “Like the rings of Princess Anne, Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie, these most precious of precious gemstones were then all set on what’s possibly the rarest of rare gold – yellow Welsh gold.”

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Overall the ring weighed in at around 12cts. While this is “not to be sniffed at” for non-royals, it actually “borders on the frugal” in royal circles.

Nevertheless, the diamonds were all “flawless” and around D colour – extremely rare and most expensive – plus “impeccably cut”.

The experts continued: “Meghan’s engagement ring is valued at around £200,000 to £250,000 by We Love Diamonds but that value is of course dramatically compounded by at least tenfold given its unique provenance.”

We Love Diamonds also commented on the subtle transformation of Meghan’s beautiful engagement ring.

“What’s interesting to note for us is that after accepting this remarkable ring, Meghan later broke with protocol and chose to significantly alter it to her own personal specification.

“Alongside some other minor adjustments, she had it re-sized and re-set it with a thinner eternity band set with pavè diamonds.”

Harry reportedly wanted it to complement another meaningful jewellery gift for his wife, an eternity ring he gave her on their first wedding anniversary.

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