How to look younger: ‘Essential’ skincare treatment for a ‘flawless’ mature complexion

 is important for all types but even more so when it comes to mature complexions. While common problem areas tend to include wrinkles and fine lines, they can appear more prominent when underlying issues like dryness and sensitivity are left untreated. Award-winning therapist Rebecca Crawforth spoke exclusively to about the important steps you may be missing in your skincare routine, and why they could be stopping you from achieving a “flawless”, youthful complexion. 

When it comes to skincare, we all know the importance of hydration to boost radiance and elasticity in the face, yet many people fail to look beyond heavy-duty moisturisers to do the job.

Rebecca told “It’s true that you’re only as old as you feel, but your skin goes through a lot over the years which can result in dry and sensitive skin as you mature. This is why knowing your complexion is essential.

“Sensitive, dry skin is common as we age and we should adapt our beauty routine to this. Your skin will respond better to a non-fragranced moisturiser and a mild chemical exfoliator than perfumed products and exfoliating scrubs.”

She explained that whether your skin type is normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive, it is the ultimate factor that will dictate which treatment is right for you.

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And even if you have a good idea about where your skin sits, Rebecca noted that a qualified professional can assess this much more accurately while also offering product advice specifically tailored to your changing complexion.

Seeking a second opinion on your skin is something that needs to be done more than once if you want to work towards the goal of reversing the signs of ageing and other visible changes to your face – like pigmentation.

The beauty therapist said: “As mentioned, our skin and its needs change as we age so an annual dermatologist check-up is highly recommended for a thorough analysis in making sure we’re feeding our skin exactly what it needs. Self-assessment is useful, but a professional eye should always be welcomed.

“These appointments go further than just maintaining flawless skin, dermatologists are trained to spot any skin conditions which could indicate an underlying health issue – often they are the first to notice it.”

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Establishing a routine with good-quality products tailored to your skin is something everyone should do to “look younger”, though it may not be enough if you have severe dryness.

Rebecca explained that monthly professional facials – however high maintenance they may sound, are “a huge do” when it comes to mature skin care. 

She said: “The benefits of professional facials are undisputed in improving the skin’s tone and texture and restoring elasticity on mature skin through a deep clean to counteract the damage caused by air pollution and sun exposure.

“Skincare professionals are also able to assess your skin and tailor your treatment to gently restore moisture to dry and sensitive skin, restoring your glow.”

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Many treatments will offer instant results for both the look and feel of your skin, but they are also a great way to “stay ahead” of issues that may occur as your complexion changes.

Rebecca noted that monthly facial appointments are the “best form of anti-ageing treatment” that also reduces the need to purchase expensive, restorative products later down the line.

While restorative facials are offered in most good beauty salons, it is important to do your research before booking an appointment.

The beauty expert noted that finding a therapist who specialises in your skin type is a “crucial element that can often be overlooked”, despite being essential to ensure the correct treatment and products are applied.

In fact, according to a recent study by Salon Rated, a staggering 59 percent of people who regularly attend beauty appointments don’t know if their beauty professional is insured or even trained.

What’s more, 60 percent of those surveyed admitted to not even knowing how to do background checks on a salon, despite it being “super easy” using sites like Salon Rated, according to Rebecca.

She said: “You can search for accredited salons and professionals by location or treatment type to quickly find a professional near you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands whilst attending your appointment, even if it’s your first time.”

Like most spa services, facials are priced based on the specific treatments used. An expert at Groupon explained that a facial that includes microdermabrasion or a special chemical peel, for example, will cost more than a basic facial, which typically averages around £50.

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