How to look younger: Expert shares ‘billion-dollar anti-ageing secret’

Vicky Derosa is a health and wellness expert and a TEDx speaker who uses her platforms, like her TikTok account @vicky.derosa, to teach about healthy living.

She overcame Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropath and now shares information about the healthy lifestyle habits that helped her to do so.

Vicky discusses topics such as pain relief, healthy eating, weight loss, and anti-ageing tips and tricks. This includes an interesting tip she claims is the secret behind her very youthful look.

She told her 182K followers: “The billion-dollar anti-ageing industry does not want you to know this one thing.

“I don’t wash my face. I don’t wash my face and neither should you. So many people are stripping the oil from their faces. In fact, I add more.”

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Should you wash your face with oil?

This TikToker and health expert is not the only notable person who uses this method to wash their face. Actress Chloë Grace Moretz swears by the method, saying it helped to clear her acne.

Some experts say cleansing your face with oil can help to lift oil off your face, clear pores, and remove dead skin cells and makeup.

A study in 2010 looked at 128 students and suggested cleansing with oil could benefit dry and mature skin.

Vicky’s followers said they swear by the method too. One wrote: “My mother uses olive oil and I use it also. You wake up with moisturised skin. Better than any cream! I’m 50.”

Another said: “That’s true since I stopped washing my face my skin is much better and glowing…I use rose water to rinse it rather than olive oil.”

“I don’t wash my face with water, I clean it with olive oil. I am almost 50 no-one gives me that age,” another wrote.

User ‘RayRay’ said: “I have used olive oil for years and years and it’s the best hands down. There is no comparison.”

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