How to look younger: Makeup mistakes women over 50 make that ‘add years to face’

Eyebrow and eyeliner colour too dark 

When accentuating the eyes, darker and more dramatic isn’t always better, if your goal is to look more youthful. 

For ladies over 50, use a “softer brow pencil”. Brunettes should “go for a soft brown” as dark brown can “age”. Soft and fluffy brows can also “look more youthful”. 

In terms of eyeliner, the same rule applies; swap deep black for soft browns, or purple and greens. 

Professional makeup artist Jenna Hughes said using black can make “eyes smaller” than they are. Instead, opt for dark brown eyeliner on the top eye line, then choose white or nude for the waterline. 

The eyeliner “won’t be as harsh” and the white or nude will “instantly brighten and open up the eyes”. 

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