‘I’m a mother, and I’m furious that no one would give up their train seat for my child’

A mother has posted an angry video stating that no one would give up a seat for her child while travelling. Her video has gone viral and sparked a debate about seating etiquette on public transport.

The outraged mother has taken to TikTok, and made her video to express her anger after commuters would not give up their train seats for her son.

In the short video, the woman filmed herself standing in the aisle of an extremely busy train in London alongside her son, who is seen squatting in an aisle. She also filmed other commuters sitting down in seats in the train carriage, who mostly appeared to be watching their mobile phones or on their laptops.

The woman wrote in the caption of the video: “’All these oblivious people are watching my baby sit on the floor in the priority seats area.”

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It is unknown what age the child might be, but it appears that the train may have been a Southern Rail train. According to the company’s website, children under the age of five can travel for free.

The Southern Rail website states: “You can bring up to two children under five with you free of charge if you have a ticket – however they can only use a seat if it’s not needed by another passenger with a ticket.”

The furious mother’s TikTok video has gone viral with over 2 millions views, however, it appears she has not gotten the response she wanted. The majority of the people in the comment section seem to disagree that children should be given priority seating.

One user asked: “I’m confused, since when does a child get a priority seat?” while another person added: “Kids don’t take priority seats. Disabled people, pregnant women, the elderly, or babies in arms.”

A woman wrote: “I’m heavily pregnant and I’d watch a child sit on the floor too. My kid’s move for an elderly person. It’s called respect.”

Somebody else wrote: “Life lesson: book tickets in advance with seating… why do you think your son take priority? Because you say so?”

In the comment section, one man named Stefan wrote: “Comments have restored my faith in humanity! I’ve NEVER understood why adults give up their seats for children.

The mother responded to Stefan, and said: “Restored your faith in humanity. Wow.”

However, some people seemed to agree that it was rude for none of the adult commuters to give up their seat. One person said: “Poor form from the passengers and in the comments, I’d give up my seat for a child in a second.”

Another person who defended the mother, said: “People saying ‘those seats are for elders’, half of those people aren’t elders. I’d give up my seat for a mama with a kid, but that’s just how I was raised.”

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