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It’s been almost two years since No Time To Die released and Daniel Craig ended his record 16 years as James Bond.

EON Productions will be gearing up for their next 007 auditions, the first to occur since 2005.

Back then, Craig managed to beat a young Henry Cavill to be Pierce Brosnan’s replacement in reboot movie Casino Royale.

Martin Campbell, who previously helmed GoldenEye was hired to direct the 007 blockbuster and was very much involved in the casting process.

Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk while promoting the London Action Festival, the 79-year-old, spoke of the secretive auditions.

Campbell shared: “The way they work with Bond and it’s pretty terrific is when they decide on the actor and you audition – in our case, it was eight people – it’s very democratic. You sit around a table, eight or nine of you.

“It was myself and the producers, casting director etc etc. And you go through the eight people and you put your hand up as you talk through each person and ultimately everybody has to be unanimous in their decision, if you see what I mean.”

The Casino Royale director also admitted a concern he had about casting Craig as Bond.

Campbell confessed: “My only reticence with Daniel… he was really a superb actor, there’s no doubt about that… it was the fact that with people like Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan was that they were all traditional looking Bonds. All handsome guys, all sexy, all very attractive to women and so forth.

“Daniel was obviously tougher and ruggeder, but he wasn’t a traditional handsome guy. So I just thought about that for a minute and apart from that, absolutely it was always him.”

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