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After stepped down from the role of in 2021, all eyes have been on who might replace him – and things were exactly the same in the 1980s. After had stepped down from the series in 1985, Bond bosses were keen to get some new blood into the 007 role, and they looked at one actor who is now best known for playing a major part in the series. But, he has now revealed, he would have been terrible at it.

Charles Dance was ever-present in ‘s fantasy spectacle for four years as Tywin Lannister, the patriarch of the evil Lannister family. The British star was a regular in the show from its inception in 2011 to 2015 when he was brutally murdered.

Speaking to The Guardian, he recently revealed he was offered the role of James Bond after Moore, but was pointed away from the iconic role.

While stories have previously been told that Dance turned down the role, he revealed: “No, of course I didn’t turn down James Bond!”

Instead, his agent called him and explained: “I urge you not to do it. Just think how you’ll feel if you don’t get it. It will kill your career stone-dead.”

“She was probably right,” he lamented.


Dance admitted that he might not have been the best pick for the role.

“If I’d got it, I would have probably f***ed it up,” he went on.

The 76-year-old actor added that – apart from dropping the ball with Bond – he loves acting: “The problem is, I just like working, so I’m perhaps not as choosy as I could have been.”

Of course, after Moore’s tenure came to an end in 1985, following the release of A View to a Kill, Timothy Dalton took over.

The British heartthrob enjoyed two movies across four years, with his final outing taking place in 1989’s Licence to Kill.

Nowadays, all eyes are on the future of Bond. With Craig out of the picture, a slew of young British stars are lining up to take his place, and at the top of the list (for now) is the Kick-Ass and Bullet Train star .

Not only has the 32-year-old taken on some action movies in his past, but he has also shown off he can really act in pictures such as the biopic, Nowhere Boy.

What’s more, he has been rumoured to have some auditions with Bond bosses Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson behind the scenes. As a result, he has incredible Bond odds on replacing Craig.

Taylor-Johnson currently has a powerful 5/2 from Ladbrokes on becoming the new-and-improved James Bond.

But he hasn’t got away with it just yet: star is keeping up with him in the odds, touting a strong 5/2 as well.

Elsewhere in the odds, the fan favourite is fifth on the list, with a staggering 9/1.

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