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During the production of the final 007 film, , Phoebe Waller-Bridge was brought onto the scene as a script doctor. The movie had already been in production for some time, and her experience promised a new angle for the film. But, she has now revealed, not everything she wanted for the movie made it through to the final film.

Waller-Bridge was brought on to “tweak” the film’s female characters and to “inject humour” into its storylines.

Speaking at London’s Haymarket Theatre to Masterclass acting scheme students, the Fleabag star explained how much she enjoyed working on the iconic character. “It is fun playing in someone else’s sandpit for a while as you learn stuff,” she said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

But, mostly, she confessed how she learned a lot about her own version of James Bond.

“I certainly learned what my Bond film would be like,” she said, before citing some flaws she intended on giving him. “I learned how mine might have been slightly too camp. A bit misogynistic really.”

Waller-Bridge added that Craig “knows that character better than anyone,” however,

With that said, she confirmed that some of her ideas were turned down for No Time To Die rewrites.

The 37-year-old said: “I should naturally have done a lot of Bond research… I didn’t do a huge amount of research for it. I’m not very good at homework. That says a lot.”

She added: “Sometimes it is frustrating when you say: ‘I think this is genius,’ and they are like: ‘Next time.'”

Waller-Bridge also opened up about the first time she learned about James Bond’s death in No Time To Die.

In the movie, 007 gave up his life by remaining on the dastardly island built by Safin (Rami Malek) after he was infected with the nano-virus that would have killed his beau, Madeline Swann, and his daughter, Mathilde.

Waller-Bridge explained that when she first learned of Bond’s impending death, she feared people would think it was her fault.

“I read the script not knowing [about the death],” she said. “They had not told me and I was reading it and I was like, ‘No.’ I was angry. then I thought: ‘What the hell, everyone is going to blame me anyway.’ I definitely want to be involved.”

Ever since No Time To Die hit cinemas, the hunt has been on for a new James Bond actor to replace Craig.

The current favourite is Aaron Taylor-Johnson who has a staggering 5/2 in the from Ladbrokes.

He’s neck-and-neck with , who also has a powerful 5/2. However, as the star previously lost his chance at playing 007, could he be out of luck?

Meanwhile fan-favourite is fourth in the line-up, with 9/1 on claiming the role next.

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