Kate could ditch ‘magnificent’ tiara for Coronation – but ‘we might get a lovely surprise’

With the Coronation fast approaching, royal and fashion expert Miranda Holder shared her thoughts on what royal women may wear on the day and suggested that there is a possibility Kate, Princess of Wales does not wear a tiara, which could be disappointing for some fans who are expecting a “show of pomp and ceremony” like no other.

One of the big questions with the Coronation fast approaching is, “are we going to have another Kate tiara moment?” Miranda said.

“Kate is a true Princess and whenever she wears a tiara she looks even more so,” the style expert commented.

Miranda explained that historically, at Coronations the order of the day is “most definitely” ball gowns and tiaras.

The “royal ladies in attendance would be fully dressed up to the nines in gowns, tiaras and other regal regalia, but this time things might be a little different,” she said.

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It is believed that King Charles is planning a bit of a pared-back Coronation ceremony, “so with this in mind, which jewels are we going to get to see? My money is on sadly, none,” Miranda opined.

For the actual Coronation, the Princess of Wales may wear a headpiece or a hat but “sadly, no sparkles,” she claimed.

However, if there is a reception the night before “we might get a lovely surprise there” and actually, tiaras are generally only worn for events after 5pm.

“You never know, if Meghan does attend she may pull everything out of the bag and turn up in one too!” the stylist opined.

So far, Kate has only worn three tiaras from the collection: the Cartier Halo Tiara, the Lotus Floral Tiara and the Lover’s Knot Tiara.

The royal chose the “beautiful” Cartier Halo Tiara for her wedding day which she borrowed from the late Queen Elizabeth.

Last year, Kate wore the Lotus Floral Tiara for a diplomatic reception, and “I love the way she wore it there,” Miranda opined.

Her “very favourite has to be the exquisite” Lover’s Knot Tiara, which she has worn on multiple occasions.

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According to royal protocol, royal women are not allowed to wear a tiara until their wedding day.

Traditionally, the diadem would have to be one owned by their family and after the wedding, they can wear tiaras for events but only those owned by their husband’s family or their own property.

Tiaras would only be donned in the evening, and never before 5pm or 6pm because diamond jewellery is considered formal attire. However, this is with the exception of weddings, which usually start at 11am.

The protocol dictates that women should not wear one until they are 18 years old and only certain occasions are appropriate for a tiara including coronations, balls, state visits and royal banquets.

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