Kate Middleton’s ‘favourite child’ brings ‘smiles and joy’, body language expert claims

The expert looked at images of Kate at Prince Louis’s christening and said: “Kate looked so utterly radiant at Louis’s christening that his birth almost seemed to signal the beginning of Kate’s launch as a confident and popular royal in her own right.

“She looked at her most relaxed as a parent and the equally relaxed and eternally happy-looking Louis seemed to bring smiles, playfulness and joy into all four of their lives.”

In terms of Kate’s interactions with her youngest son of late, Judi explained: “Kate looks wonderfully indulgent with Louis but that’s probably because he is the most uninhibited of her children, lacking any signals of shyness and seeming completely undaunted by public events.

“With two older siblings to inherit some of the pressures of being royal, Louis must need less training when it comes to royal protocols and behaviours and any that he does need can be supplied by his siblings as well as his mum and dad.”

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