King Charles III ‘won’t be our King for very long’, astrologer claims

Patrick Price, astrologer at horoscope app Nebula, meanwhile disagreed with Jasmine. He told that Charles’ reign will be a long one.

He said: “In astrology, a transit is when a celestial body such as a planet or comet moves into a specific position, and by tracking this and seeing how it relates to the positions on someone’s natal chart, we can get a really good idea of what will be happening for them moving forward.

“One such transit to take note of is that towards the end of the year, both Charles and Camilla will have the Sun (which represents the self) in their third house (the house of the mind, intellect, and legacy), at the same time as each other.

“This may suggest that the royal household will remain very stable and unified and have a period of strength during their reign. This level of stability and unity in astrology might suggest a longer tenure.”

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