King Charles makes ‘rare and jaw-dropping’ romantic gesture to Queen Camilla – pictures

and are a devoted couple but are rarely overly affectionate with one another in public. expert Judi James delved into the archives to find a particularly sweet moment between the duo during a 2021 trip.

While many of the royals are often spotted cuddling one another, giving affectionate pats on the back or sweet kisses on the cheek, Charles is not one for PDA – according to the expert.

She suggested: “Charles has never been fond of PDAs unless they are foisted on him, like or .”

In fact, Judi previously claimed in conversation with that when Charles held a very young Prince George, he did so like he was an .

She continued: “He also seems to be a man who expects to be looked after when he is out and about, with his comfort and happiness looking like the prime objective for both his courtiers and his wife.”

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However, Judi observed a very poignant moment between the King and Queen where Charles took it upon himself to make a “kindly and caring” gesture to his wife – “spontaneously” too.

In March 2021, the now King and Queen Consort visited Athens in Greece and attended the Greek Independence day Military Parade in Syntagma Square on a “chilly evening”.

It was here that Charles made a very sweet gesture to ensure that his wife was not cold watching the parade.

Judi said: “A guard brought a folded blanket for Camilla to place over her legs and, instead of either ignoring the procedure or even expecting to be the first one served with any blankets, Charles turned round and took over the task of laying it on his wife’s lap and tucking it in.”

The small act “revealed some shared tenderness and mutual care that might go on between the King and queen behind palace doors”.

Judi suggested that while it’s possible there were ulterior motives behind the gesture, it did appear genuine.

She explained: “Of course he might have worried about either watching her struggle or, worse, watching another man touching her lap.

“But his actions look kindly and caring and they also appeared spontaneous rather than looking as though he was just wanting to ‘do the right thing’.”

Judi concluded: “It was an unexpected moment of more quiet, domestic-looking bliss from the couple, suggesting unexpected levels of concern and caring from Charles towards his wife.”

Speaking previously about another royal couple, the expert made some observations about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship.

During a recent spin class where Kate came out victorious over her husband, William was “happy to celebrate her win” – .

This suggested a “balanced, loving relationship” between the pair where William felt proud rather than envious”.

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