Leading hair expert shares her haircare, skincare and lifestyle secrets to looking young

With just a few simple hair, skin, lifestyle and diet tips, Inanch Emir maintains a gorgeous, natural appearance. The creative director and founder of legendary hair salon Inanch London chatted to Express.co.uk about what she does to stay youthful.

As a leading hair expert, Inanch knows a thing or two about having beautiful, healthy hair.

Inanch revealed to Express.co.uk that she gets her chocolatey locks coloured every two to three weeks to cover up any greys.

To maintain her healthy strands she visits the salon for a trim every eight weeks, and goes for face-framing layers for an added touch.

Inanch admitted that she does quite a lot to her , including using heated tools and going through phases of hair extensions.

As for styling, Inanch is a fan of straight hair: “I tend to just wash it and blow-dry it straight as because I’ve got naturally curly hair.

“I think it’s one of those things that you always go the opposite of what you have naturally.”

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It’s only on special occasions that Inanch wears her voluminous curls, but she loves it on other women.

She told Express.co.uk: “Having said that there are loads of people out there that look amazing with curly hair.

“So sometimes if I’m going to a wedding or something like that I might put waves in my hair.”

As for , Inanch is lucky enough to be the mother of two experts – Demi and Lema – who work with her at her salon.

She enjoys a Collagenwave – one of the UK’s most sought after facials which tightens and lifts the skin – “as often as possible – preferably once a week”.

Bi-annually Inanch receives Botox in her forehead because of a “really deep frown line”, and has been doing so for the last 10 years. Anyone hoping to do this should do the research and consider all options before going ahead.

She told Express.co.uk: “I didn’t start early, it was only when I saw my frown line getting very deep.” By not leaving it too long, Inanch was able to avoid getting filler in her forehead.

Day-to-day Inanch is super relaxed when it comes from skincare, having seemingly hit the jackpot when it comes to clear .

“I know it’s going to sound really bad but I don’t use cleansers and all of that – I literally wash my face and I put my moisturiser on. I don’t do the cleansing and toning – for me it’s moisture all the way.”

As for working out, running a busy salon is no easy task and Inanch certainly gets her 10,000 steps in at work alone.

However, she would like to incorporate some more when she gets a chance: “I would love to say I exercise but while I have joined the gym I never actually follow it through – my life takes over.

“But again as I’m getting older I’m thinking more about doing things like Pilates and yoga and just keeping my bones stronger. As I’ve aged, I definitely feel that I need to do more.”

Finally, Inanch’s philosophy is “everything in moderation”, and she typically enjoys a Mediterranean diet categorised by “olive oil, fish, fruit, veg, nuts, legumes and white meat”.

She told us: “We don’t cut out carbs but we have everything with meat and with salad.

“As I get older, I am trying to have less chocolate, because coming home in the evening and having a cup of tea and chocolate is my ‘thing’, so I’m trying to do less of that.

“My skin is definitely looking better than it did when I was eating too many chocolates.”

Inanch Emir is the salon and creative director at Inanch London, frequented by celebrities such as , Michelle Heaton, Mischa Barton and Maya Jama.

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