Leading hair expert shares how older women can rock ‘young’ style – but why some ‘cant’

There is a common misconception that women over a certain age cannot pull off long , but leading hair expert Inanch Emir disagrees. She spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about how women over 40 can maintain long locks and .

A lot of women will reach a certain age and make the change from long locks to chic bob or pixie cut.

This is because with age, the hair loses pigment, changes texture, gets thinner and can lose its shine.

In some cases, long hair can emphasise sagging in the face, while shorter hair can make the face feel more lifted.

There may also be some societal pressure that encourages women to chop it all off for 40 and beyond. And it often requires less maintenance.

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But Inanch challenged the idea that mature women should cut off their hair once they hit a certain age.

She stated: “Gone are the days where we used to say anyone over 40 should cut their hair short.”

Rater than be about age, Inanch argued that hair length is more about “the quality of the hair”.

She warned that women who have “fine, wispy hair can’t have long hair”.


But there is one way women who have this kind of hair can achieve long locks – extensions.

“And this is where I love my job because obviously I do hair extensions and it’s always been my go-to for everything.

“So if your hair is getting wispy and you want long hair, you get hair extensions and then it’s not ageing because it’s thicker.”

In fact, because thicker hair is associated with youth, extensions could even take a few years off your face and make you look younger.

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The renowned Inanch London offers a “customised service for that perfect hair texture, colour match and application method of your choice”.

For those who want thicker, longer hair but don’t want to invest in extensions, Inanch suggested a natural method.

She said: “There are products that you can use but again, it’s about going to a dermatologist.

“If you’re getting alopecia because of age and hormones, you get your hormones checked, you have blood tests done and then they give you the right sorts of vitamins.”

Inanch explained that diet is also an important factor when it comes to hair thickness.

She gave the example of menopausal women, who often diet due to sudden weight gain.

A very restrictive diet can cause the hair to thin or even fall out as the hair is not getting the nutrients it needs.

Healthline reported that deficiencies in iron, zinc, protein, selenium and essential fatty acids have all been linked to hair loss.

If you are losing hair or finding that it has become thin it is best to consult your GP or a dermatologist.

Inanch Emir is the salon and creative director of the award-winning Inanch London.

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