Makeup expert shared top tip for ‘radiant’ looking skin – will disguise lines and wrinkles

can be totally transformative. It has the power to take years off the face – or add them on. spoke exclusively to makeup artists and skin therapists Charlene Flanagan and Niamh Ryan about their top tips.

The experts told mature women to switch to cream based products as opposed to powder ones.

They advised: “Change your blushers, bronzers and eyeshadows to cream formulas in replacement of powders.”

“Cream products will help add moisture back into mature skin and are more pigmented to help cover redness or age spots that powder could not.”

Charlene and Niamh suggested that powder products can actually have an ageing effect, particularly after a few hours of wearing them.

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“Powders can sit on top of the skin, which can eventually settle into and enhance fine lines and wrinkles,” she explained.

“Simply apply cream formulas with your fingers (less is more) for an instant glow and lift that will have people complimenting on your radiance all day!”

The experts’ next anti-ageing tip was to prep the skin before applying makeup for a longer-lasting youthful look.

“As we age, fewer natural oils, hormonal changes, sun damage and decreased cell renewal can all lead to dryer skin.

“Applying a Hyaluronic Acid Serum underneath makeup helps plump the skin and allows for an effortless application – your makeup will simply glide onto your skin leaving a more radiant, youthful, and healthy complexion in place, all day long!”

They recommended a Hyaluronic facial skin mist like the Ella & Jo 3 in 1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist for an “extra boost”, costing £23.

Its purpose is to keep the skin hydrated so women can maintain their makeup all day – gone will be the days of dashing off to reapply at lunchtime.

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The experts claimed: “A couple spritzes of this super hydrating formula will enhance your skin’s radiance, help plump fine lines, and refresh your makeup without the need for re-application – the search for a holy grail foundation that lasts all day is over!”

Their next tip was to not scrimp on the SPF, as sun damage can be a major ageing factor over time.

They said: “One of the key skincare products you should be applying on to the skin every single day is an SPF.”

As a rule, it should be applied as the final step of a skincare routine but before makeup application.

Charlene and Niamh explained: “It’s the most effective pro-aging product because it protects what you already have.

“UV damage can result in sagging of the skin, loss of tone and pigmentation – all of which can be prevented by using a broad-spectrum SPF.

“I use the Ella & Jo Plump And Protect Day Cream With SPF 30 (£33) without fail every single day.

“This hydrating day cream has broad spectrum UV protection, is suitable for all skin types and also helps protect against blue light from screens.”

Charlene Flanagan and Niamh Ryan are MUAS, Skin Therapists and Co-Founders of Ella & Jo Cosmetics.

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