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McFly were not going to let – the pop-rockers have just released their first single since 2021’s Dragonball: Where Did All The Guitars Go? This song is straight off of their upcoming seventh album, Power To Play, which is due to hit streaming services June 9, 2023.

Scroll down to listen to McFly’s new single, Where Did All The Guitars Go?

Fans will no doubt love this new track, as it hits out at the state of the radio and today’s music scene.

Tom Fletcher takes the lead on the vocals this time around, brutally asking his audience: “Where did all the guitars go? / What is this s**t that I hear?”

He later follows up: “Don’t you know that rock and roll is good for the soul?”

McFly are no doubt keen to bring some life and energy back into the charts, and they’ve absolutely succeeded with this toe-tapper.

And it sounds like their new album is going to follow in the footsteps of this shredder, as well.

McFly said their new album, Power To Play, is going to be full of “hair metal cheese, glam rock glitter and heavy metal attitude”, citing Van Halen, Mötley Cru and Def Leppard as inspiration for the record.

The band went on: “At the start of the process, we all got together and said what they wanted this new album to be. We all had this one thing in common, and it was guitars. We love being on tour and playing live, and we hate this weird pressure where you don’t get played on the radio if you have guitars in your songs. That was always in the back of our heads, so we decided to forget all about it and that same day Tom wrote ‘Where Did All The Guitars Go?’ on the way home. On every album, there’s a song which becomes a foundation, a lightbulb moment, and this was it.”

McFly said their music’s identity will be “guitars, honesty and energy”.

“We want to reach that kid with long hair,” they added. “Get them excited about music and make them want to pick up a guitar and jump on their bed. That’s what this record is about.”

McFly – Where Did The Guitars Go? is out now.

McFly’s new album, Power To Play, hits streaming services June 9, 2023.

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