Meghan and Charlene have similar body language traits – but expert spots a ‘difference’

Judi James spoke exclusively to about how Charlene and Meghan’s body language traits in public are similar. Both women are tactile, for example, but use their touches for different reasons. One woman is also more confident than the other, even though both are strong and resilient.

“Meghan and Charlene have certain body language similarities that suggest a like-minded survival approach to marrying into a foreign royal family,” Judi said.

“Both have or had a tendency to appear demure. Both women are known for their beauty and professional talent, but both relied on something rather more basic when it came to ingratiating into their new role.

“Both tended to adopt some rituals of submission and even vulnerability to allow royal fans to grow to accept and love them.

“For both this could often include standing slightly behind their husbands and appearing to avoid upstaging them.”

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There are many photographs of the women with their respective husbands where they are standing slightly behind them, as if they are hiding or don’t want to attract attention to themselves.

One example of this was the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations last June. As Meghan and Harry descended the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, following the National Service of Thanksgiving, the Duchess walked a little behind her husband. Meghan has also been seen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, again standing slightly behind Harry.

The same goes for Charlene – the Princess often stands a little behind her husband and her children on the balcony of the Palais Princier in Monaco.

Judi continued: “With Charlene this [standing behind her husband] often looked like shyness or reticence.

“However, with Meghan, it could often look like a pseudo-infantile display akin to silently asking Harry’s fans’ permission to become prominent in his and their lives.

“Meghan often looked as though she was visiting her in-laws for the first time when she appeared in public, with the public being those in-laws.

“The technique was emotionally sound, too. Since Diana’s death many members of the public had felt a huge amount of parental love and even ownership of her youngest boy.”

Judi went on to note both Meghan and Charlene’s tactileness. But there are a few differences between the two women here too.

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She said: “Both women are very tactile, and for both the tie-sign of choice with their husband is the hand clasp, which can make the man look protective.

“With the man walking in front and the couple’s hands clasped between them, it can also reflect the classic pose adopted by A-list celebrity couples.

“Both women seem to need frequent touches to keep silent connections with their husbands, but there is one massive difference in intent when it comes to their other touch rituals.”

Judi continued: “Charlene can often be seen using hugs, touches and poses with her children as what looks like a method of creating a shield she can hide behind.

“She often looks as though she is trying to deflect attention by hugging and cuddling up with them.

“Meghan’s hugs and touches are much more confident.

“When she touches Harry’s back it often looks like a professional cue, as though she is not only reassuring him by reminding him she is there backing him up, but also a way of helping to choreograph their movements when they are out in public.

“It can often make it look as though she is taking the lead, and even occasionally touching Harry’s arm or hand to let him know it is her turn to speak.”

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