Meghan and Harry had to follow strict ‘rules’ on first date – ‘no phone or camera’ allowed

Meghan Markle explained on the Netflix series: “We met at 76 Dean Street. You were late!” and explained that Harry kept messaging her saying: “I’m stuck in traffic, I’m so sorry, I am in traffic, I am sorry.” The location they chose for their first date, 76 Dean Street, is one of the branches of the private members club Soho House.

Soho House is an exclusive members club which was founded by British restauranteur Nick Jones, and has many bars, hotels and restaurants in London and around the world.

One of its London locations is 76 Dean Street, in Soho, a five-storey townhouse which has bars, a restaurant, a cinema and rooms for events and meetings which can be hired for private use.

It is believed Meghan and Harry hired one of the private rooms in the Soho House for their first encounter. On the show, Meghan revealed that she waited in the bar for half an hour: “I couldn’t understand why he would be late.”

Meghan was worried that he was “one of those guys with a big ego” who makes girls wait around for them but Harry was actually “freaking out” and walked into the Soho House a “hot sweaty red ball of mess”.

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The Duchess of Sussex revealed that she liked him instantly and said that he was “just so fun, just so refreshingly fun”.

After their first date, Meghan called Harry and asked him to go for dinner the next night, again at 76 Dean Street, where the royal couple had the privacy they were looking for. But can you visit the Soho House?

People can not visit the Soho House unless they have a membership or a friend who has one.

A membership costs around £1,000 a year and £1,500 for the one that gives access to all the “Houses”, including the venues in London and around the world, such as Soho House Barcelona or New York.


The private membership club, which is “intended for those in the creative industries and people with a creative soul”, has its own – and very strict – rules.

All members, including Meghan and Harry, are required to “adhere to accepted standards of conduct and the House rules”.

Some of the unusual rules include a ban on “corporate attire”. As the “House” aims for a non-corporate atmosphere and a casual environment, “members should refrain from corporate entertaining and wearing corporate attire at the House”.

“Members are also responsible for ensuring their guests abide by this rule,” the website said.

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This means both Meghan had to wear casual attire and Harry could not wear a suit or blazer.

The Soho House also has a very strict privacy policy for members and guests which dictates that “members and their guests must not approach, disturb or solicit others in their Houses with whom they are not personally acquainted”.

The club warned that “doing so may lead to suspension or termination of membership”. Similarly, mobile phones and taking pictures or videos is not allowed in the Soho House.

“To protect the relaxed atmosphere within the House, members may not take or make phone calls, and phones should be set to silent mode. Texting is permitted and calls may be made in designated areas within the House,” the website stated.

“No cameras, video or other recording devices, whether live-streaming or otherwise and whether on a mobile phone or other medium, may be used while in the House.”

However, Harry and Meghan broke this rule as they used their phone to take a selfie which they later showed in their documentary. 

“The House reserves the right to take possession of and confiscate any mobile phone, camera, video or other recording device and any photos, videos or other recorded images used or taken while on House premises,” the rule says.

It is unknown whether it was Meghan or Harry – or both – who held an exclusive Soho House membership. 

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