Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to ‘repair royal rift’ in 2023 spoke to two astrologers who predicted Meghan and Harry’s future over the next 12 months – Lisa Stardust and Patrick Price. Lisa Stardust is a New York-based astrologer, tarot card reader and author of best-selling astrology books, while Patrick is a tarot reader for horoscope and astrology app Nebula.

Lisa told that there will be many changes for Meghan and Harry next year, including financial and familial. She claimed: “In the next year, we can expect Meghan and Harry to have some sort of change in financial status. We’re going to be hearing a lot about finances in the next year, possibly a bad investment or loss of money.

“There also may be home front changes, such as moving. Meghan may discuss her personal life a lot more and how hard it is to balance being a mother – we are going to hear more about challenges.”

As for Harry, Lisa continued: “He is going through a major transformative process and things could be coming more to a head.

“There will be upcoming projects here and there. The people are going to want to hear more from Harry and not from Meghan as much – she will likely take a step back for him to do more solo work.”

On the family front, Lisa claimed that “Meghan is she is trying to have more kids”. She continued: “A pregnancy is either happening now or towards the end of 2023. She is more fearful of having a child than he is based on the anxiety she has.

“They will not be visiting the UK anytime soon – he and his brother will always have a frenemy type competitiveness between one another based on the hierarchy.

“They may have an honest conversation – they care about each other but don’t really like each other as people as they are very different. This also stems from what they had to endure growing up and how they were raised. Since Harry is a Virgo and Meghan is a Leo, they have a great synastry. Each of their ascendants is the opposite of one another which means that they are extremely compatible and each other’s ideal person.”

Patrick believed the Sussexes will have more upcoming projects in the next year too. Looking at the next few months, he said: “Mercury is positioned in the first house for Meghan and the eighth house for Harry, indicating that it is really important to them as a couple to be understood and have their version of events shared with others and communicate their experiences.


“Having Mercury in the first house tells us Meghan finds communication and honesty to be core values possibly, whilst being in Harry’s eighth house tells us he may be passionate about finding ways to communicate his lived experience. Because of this, it looks very likely that they may have another interview or TV special on the way in 2023.

“Meghan has Uranus, which is where we look to see how someone’s individual career may progress, moving through her fifth house later in the year. Harry has Uranus in his 11th house, which tells us that there is a higher chance that next year they might venture out into solo projects.

“This is because Uranus is the planet of personal breakthroughs and self-development, and the fifth house is the house of the family, home, and relationships. In this position, Uranus tells us that Meghan has a clear sense of her identity, and that individuality is still an important asset in her life, and she might want to develop her own path further, too.

“We may also assume the same for Harry as Uranus finds itself in his eleventh house, the house of companionship and comfort, so we see that Harry may find he loves pursuing his own efforts too.

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“Uranus in these positions may also tell their sense of self, and individuality are incredibly important to both, and for many reasons, they have had to make more joint moves over the past few years. However, due to their strong independence as people, it now looks possible that they will be taking on solo projects and allowing people to get to know them more individually.”

Patrick too predicted there might be another child on the way for Harry and Meghan. He said: “Gemini and Scorpio are in the fifth house of Harry and Meghan. The fifth house can relate to children, and in this case, it means that they might have another child planned.

“This is because Gemini and Scorpio in this house both allude to Harry and Meghan being people who enjoy having a larger family. These fifth house positions tell us that even if they do not have any more children, family is a very significant part of both of their lives and is a central pillar for them.

“As well as this, having Gemini and Scorpio in the fifth house also tells us a lot about amusement, fun, joy, pleasure, and creativity, and it seems to be a very positive outlook for Harry and Meghan.

“This means that if the joy and happiness they will feel do not manifest through having another child, it will manifest in other ways, such as amazing vacations, spending time with close friends, and even becoming creatively fulfilled through various work projects.”

The astrologer went on to say that “the rift in the royal household will begin to glue back together, and it is suggested in their charts that Harry and Meghan may begin to find some peace in this area, which could suggest that other members of the royal household begin to take accountability for their part in the breakdown of the relationship”.

To repair the “rift”, Harry might go back to the UK to visit his family, Patrick claimed. He continued: “It seems a lot of travel is on the cards for their new year, as we see Saturn propping up positions in both of their charts next year, which suggests this.

“This travel will be for several reasons by the looks of things – holidays, charitable work but also it seems likely that they may return to the UK next year for public events, most likely in the first half of the year, so possibly for the King’s coronation.

“This is because, in Harry’s chart, we see the Moon in Taurus. This tells us that Harry will never stray too far from his roots for too long.

“Familiarity is important to him, and despite any rifts, when his family needs him to show up – he will. This travel will be very good for their public image as it will show they lead from the heart when it comes to the kinds of charitable work they are doing, but it will also show that family relations are being repaired.”

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