Meghan Markle news: Fans fawn over Duchess’s ‘classic, chic, timeless’ style

Meghan Markle is known for her simple yet put-together looks. Now a fashion expert has explained what makes the royal’s style so “timeless”. By analysing different outfits, a fashion expert has explained Meghan’s looks and why they work so well.

Madison Jade is a fashion expert from Los Angeles, California who does a series called ‘Cool Girl Style’ on her TikTok account @madisonvdt in which she breaks down the fashion of the stars, and how ordinary people can emulate it.

She has recently spoken about Meghan, and how the Duchess puts together outfits. Madison said: “I just finished watching the Netflix documentary that just came out about her and Harry, and I loved it. What I also loved was seeing a sneak peek into her personal style, which I personally really like.”

Madison explained: “Meghan’s style is very simple, classic and chic. It is also very timeless. While I find a lot of her style is very 2016, and granted that is when a lot of her street style was being photographed and that sort of thing, I still think it looks really good today.”

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The Duchess of Sussex can often be seen wearing skinny jeans and is able to wear more casual looks while still being stylish, according to the style expert. Madison said: “The thing I really notice is that she is always wearing skinny jeans. I thought I was a skinny jean hater but seeing the way she styles them I’m like ‘maybe I kinda like it’.”

Madison showed multiple photographs of Meghan wearing a sweater and a baseball cap. She said: “I love the look of a baseball cap, jeans and a sweater. This is probably the most frequent styles of Meghan. I think it’s a great everyday look, you look cool and not trying too hard but still put together.”

The fashion expert explained Meghan is commonly seen with one cosy accessory. Madison said: “She also loves a big scarf. Granted, that is probably for weather purposes, but I think it is her style as well.”

Madison highlighted Meghan’s iconic coats. She said: “I really love her long trench coats. A very clean-cut look. I think a trench coat can really elevate your winter look. For me, I find it hard to look chic in the winter but own a trench coat and you’re kinda good.”

The expert went on to describe an outfit the Duchess commonly wears which is a “very plain, kind of crew neck sweater, wide leg trousers, a skinny belt and pointed-toe heels.” She said that the look was “really simple but looks so chic.”

Madison described Meghan’s fashion as “nothing crazy but always looks put together.” The fashion expert added: “I find it is the perfect example of how to look professional, mature and fashion-forward and trendy at the same time.”

In the video comment section, many commentators admired the Duchess’s style and said Meghan was their fashion icon. One woman said: “She has great style!! Simple and sophisticated. Timeless.”

Another user said: “I’ve always liked her style. It’s cute but in a realistic way that could be worn every day.”

Somebody else wrote: “She is THE most stylish royal” while another commentator described Meghan as “the Queen of great coats.”

A woman called Em said: “I love her style. Always have. Always will. She’s also the Queen of going monochromatic.”

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