Meghan Markle’s rebranding of The Tig could ‘easily ignite more tensions’ with the Royal F

Meghan Markle is believed to be relaunching her lifestyle blog The Tig due to details filed with the US Trademark and Patent Office. The Tig 2.0 will focus on “food, travel, fashion, the arts, design, conscious living, and wellness.”

A PR expert has warned that the revamped version of The Tig, which in its previous iteration earned Meghan $80K (£65,345) a year, could “easily ignite more tensions” with the Royal Family. Former journalist and PR expert Jordan James is the founder of Unlockd PR who has worked with over 3,000 brands in the UK and US, including Britney Spears.

He warned Meghan of the biggest hurdles she might face when relaunching her platform. He said: “The biggest hurdle I see Meghan facing is trying to separate perceptions towards The Tig from the perceptions of her, Prince Harry, and the ensuing Royal Family drama which dominate the headlines with every TV appearance, project, or book, whether she wants it to or not.

“With the court of public opinion swinging both ways towards the Sussexes, The Tig could easily ignite more tensions, but it could also go some way to improving her public image.”

The branding expert claimed it could be “ideal” time for the Duchess to relaunch her platform, a project a former friend told Express the royal “loved”, but the venture may not be without its issues “given recent controversies”.

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James went on: “It seems like this could be an ideal time for The Tig’s return with the blog’s original mission to ‘share stories and celebrate life’.

“Saying this, given recent controversies regarding Meghan’s relationship with the Royal Family, including scathing comments and claims regarding the poor treatment and attitude from the royals toward herself and her husband Prince Harry, there are some unique challenges she will face if she truly wants to revive The Tig brand.

“Before making any moves, Meghan will need to take public sentiment towards her into account, considering both those who enjoyed reading about her experiences on The Tig prior to its hiatus in 2017, as well as those who may take up reading The Tig because of her new level of fame and notoriety.”

The Duchess has been warned that a “tone-deaf” or “out of touch” approach to relaunching The Tig could not just impact her reputation negatively, but Prince Harry’s too.

Justin, a branding expert and author who has written books such as Creating Customers for Life, claimed relaunching the blog could “be perceived as tone-deaf or out of touch, given the ongoing global pandemic and economic challenges facing many people worldwide.”

He added: “Furthermore, any missteps in terms of partnerships, sponsorships, or merchandise could potentially harm both Meghan and Harry’s brands. They need to ensure that they only align themselves with brands and organizations that share their values and beliefs and avoid any conflicts of interest or ethical violations.”

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