Meghan’s ‘utter misery & distress’ shown in new video, expert claims- ‘horribly intrusive’

and signed a reported multi-million-pound deal with streaming giant following their tumultuous exit from the Royal Family in 2020. Nearly three years since the couple left the royal fold, a new trailer suggests Harry and Meghan will further discuss their interpretation of events in a long-awaited docuseries for the streamer.

In the minute-long trailer, several black-and-white photos of Harry and Meghan looking happy and in love flash across the screen.

But then sadder clips are shown of the Duchess with her head in her hands, while another shows the Duke throwing his head back while his wife appears to wipe away her tears.

Meghan and Harry have spoken about their rocky experiences within the Royal Family on several occasions in the last few years.

The couple famously sat down with TV legend Oprah Winfrey for an interview in 2021, and they’ve given several individual interviews to other TV shows and magazines, but it seems they could address the matter further on their Netflix show.

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Body language Judi James suggested: “Anyone at Buckingham Palace hoping this Netlfix doc might be a fluffy account of how a privileged Prince found and married the beautiful woman of his dreams and rode off with her into the Californian sunset will be under no such illusions after watching this dramatic trailer.

“The first question: ‘Why did you make it?’ receives a pause from Harry that is so pregnant it’s in its third trimester.

“He finally returns with a cliché: ‘No one sees what’s happened behind closed doors’, which is true of any family, whether they’re living it large in palaces and Californian estates or struggling out of Covid to deal with strikes and the misery of a cost of living crisis that has sent many off to food banks, but this trailer implies that unhappiness is no respecter of wealth or fortune.”

Of the many clips that make up the trailer, some of them show Meghan in “distress” and “utter misery”, according to Judi.

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She claimed: “The two most powerful images of the many that are shown as tasters of what is to come seem to reveal Meghan in an apparent state of distress.

“In the first, she is curled up on a bed clutching a phone in one hand and her face in the other in a pose of what looks in this brief view like utter misery.

“We have been told of her suffering and her vulnerability in the past and this pose makes for difficult viewing, even to the point of prompting concern over who actually filmed or photographed her in this moment of what looks like distress?

“It looks horribly intrusive based on the couples’ desire for privacy and she looks so sadly isolated here but hopefully we will be reassured in the series that her hidden facial expression is less worrying than it looks.

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“The second photo also shows Meghan appearing to cry, wiping her eyes with her hands.

“This time Harry is sitting beside her but he has thrown his head back in what looks like a gesture of helplessness and frustration.”

At one point, viewers get a glimpse of Harry and Meghan at the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey, which was the Sussexes’ last official royal engagement with Kate, Princess of Wales and Prince William.

“There is Kate looking grim-faced and rather haughty and Meghan looking sad and reflective,” Judi said.

“Then Harry sits partly splayed on a sofa, shaking his head to revisit that idea of helplessness but with his splayed left arm hinting at confidence and power as he says ‘I had to do everything I could to protect my family’.”

The video is signed off by a direct-to-camera piece from Meghan, who poses a question to the audience. Meghan says: “When the stakes are this high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?”

Judi added: “In an act of what looks like unity of purpose and objectives over this documentary, Meghan is shown later in an almost identical, mirrored pose to camera, talking about ‘when the stakes are high’ and their enduring love story is clearly featured, with many shots of the couple looking happy and ecstatically happy together.”

The trailer finishes with a dramatic black background with white writing simply reading ‘Harry & Meghan’.

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