Mike reunites with Zara after leaving I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! – video

Mike was pictured walking across the bridge, dropping his bag on the floor in order to give his wife a heartfelt embrace.

His eyes appeared to absolutely light up when he saw Zara, as she did a little excited jog to meet him on the bridge.

As they embraced, royal and rugby fans alike could see the couple hug as Mike said, “I missed so much”.

The body language expert suggested that their big hug was just what the pair needed after their near three weeks apart.

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Judi told Express.co.uk: “The groan as Mike buried his face in Zara’s neck and hugged her as though his life depended on it showed exactly how much these two need and missed each other during Mike’s stint in the jungle.”

The expert spoke about the embrace as a sweet gesture of closeness that was not so long ago completely prohibited.

She said: “Hugging suffered a ban during the pandemic, with many people claiming to dislike them as a form of greeting. But Mike’s hugs really did remind us of what we’d all been missing in terms of signalling love, protection and reassurance.”

And the hug wasn’t just a quick, formal one, with Judi describing it as one of “total encirclement”.


She continued: “Mike and Zara’s hug here was one of total encirclement in each other’s arms, complete with some tight and then re-tightened squeezing to add intimacy and signal the intensity of their feelings of loss at being apart.”

Of course, almost three weeks without your partner can be difficult, however the intensity of the hug was indicative of a longer separation.

This goes to show how happy, in love and in tune Zara and Mike are with one another. Judi explained: “It was the kind of hug someone might normally perform after a very long separation and to do this ritual after only a two week gap shows the intensity of their love and affection.”

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While still in their tight bear-hug, the couple were talking to each other privately.

“Their need to communicate privately was shown in the way that they pressed their faces together rather than kissing on the mouth so that Mike could tell Zara how much he had missed her and to check she was ok.

It was obvious the couple were so excited to be with each other in person once more, with Zara practically jumping into her husband’s arms.

Judi observed: “With both arms thrown round her torso he almost lifted her right off her feet but this was a totally reciprocal, symmetric hug showing totally mutual levels of love and affection.”

During his time in the jungle, Mike spoke extremely fondly about his wife and three little ones to his campmates.

Recalling when he and Zara met, he revealed that he had just been dropped from the Rugby World Cup in 2003, and his now-wife was watching.

He went for a beer with someone else who got dropped and another guy over from Sydney, who had met Zara before. He introduced the rugby player to the royal, and the rest was history.

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! lovers can catch Matt Hancock, Jill Scott and Owen Warner in the final tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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