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In his first Western, Cage plays Colton Briggs, a cold-hearted and floridly moustachioed gun-for-hire who we meet as he guns down a varmint in front of the victim’s young son. After the camera focuses in on the kid’s murderous glare, we fast forward 20 years.

Briggs is now running a general store in Montana and now has a loving wife called Ruth (Kerry Knuppe) and a very serious 12-year-old daughter named Brooke (Ryan Kiera Armstrong). But stories of domestic bliss and flour selling aren’t the stuff of Westerns.

We know that the now-grown-up orphan will soon come back, forcing Briggs to saddle up and return to his undomesticated heyday.

Thankfully, the film delivers a few little surprises before we get to the inevitable showdown with Noah Le Gros’s outlaw.

The biggest shock is how quiet Cage is.

There’s no shouting, just a sparky chemistry with his on-screen daughter who, it turns out, is just as cold-hearted as her old man

  • The Old Way, Cert 15, In cinemas and on digital now

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